HB Governance and Strategy

Homeward Bound (HB), born of a dream in 2014, has grown and evolved organically over its first few years – in response to experience, feedback, changing needs and the ideas of various committed stakeholders. In November 2018, Homeward Bound Projects continued its evolution in important ways.

At inception, HB was set up as a private company, although we have always operated as a social enterprise. Over the last several months we have been changing the set-up to become a public company limited by guarantee, as a precursor to applying for not-for-profit status. We hope this will enable more individuals and organisations to support Homeward Bound and its participants in fundraising efforts through tax-exempt donations.

The formation of this new legal entity precipitated a different iteration of key HB teams (although it has not changed the fundamentally interconnected and collaborative, rather than traditionally hierarchical, nature of these in operation) and has also seen the introduction of a Board of Directors.

You can read more about our current team structure below, and click through to discover the members of our faculty teams.

Underpinning all we do and strive towards is the vision and purpose of Homeward Bound. To guide us, we have developed a Strategy Map, which is a document that outlines the key needs and deliverables of this global initiative. The strategy is reviewed annually and updated as required to reflect any new developments or changes in priority or focus. Each key pillar of the strategy – or ‘theme’ – has a leader who is responsible for development and implementation towards achievement of the stakeholder expectations around HB Experience, HB Impact, HB Impact and the underpinning enabler of HB Foundations.

HB Team Structure Summary

Board of Directors
Responsible for oversight of Homeward Bound. Doing so by providing strategic networking; supporting the purpose, strategy and values of HB; acting as advisor to the Business Hub, faculty and other teams as and when required; and assisting in the mitigation of risk.

Business Hub
Responsible for running the HB business, making and managing key decisions, ensuring the delivery of the HB Strategy. Also oversight of all operational decisions regarding scheduling, ships and building/managing strategic alliances, in order to ensure the growing impact and sustainability of HB.

Program Management Team
This small but dedicated team – working from ‘HB HQ’ – aims to ensure the successful administration and delivery of the Homeward Bound initiative; principally, its leadership programs but also its outreach activities. They also help facilitate the development and growth of Homeward Bound by supporting and coordinating key HB teams and stakeholders in the implementation of strategy towards achievement of HB’s vision and purpose.

Faculty Teams
Responsible for development and delivery of content – online, onshore and on-board – for each annual program.

Fundraising Team
Lead the development and implementation of a strategic fundraising plan, building and managing strategic alliances with the Board, Business Hub and Leadership Group.

Leadership Group
Includes all the key HB teams – faculty, Hub, Board, program management – and also individuals who in various ways are active in taking the lead and/or contributing their expertise to content, operations, strategy and new/emerging initiatives in support of Homeward Bound.

Click here or on the image to view Homeward Bound’s Strategy Map and Definitions.


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