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Estimated Cost Breakdown for HB#4

Please note these costs are per person based on 100 participants, they are not negotiable and are in US Dollars.

Ship for 18 nights (19 days) $13,000
Hotel / Meeting Venue in Ushuaia (3 days / 4 nights) $1340
Faculty Meetings and Travel (design, logistics, airfares, accommodation) $500
Program Administration / Management and Logistical costs (freight and postage, program material design and production) $1370
Office rent $70
PR (social media & global public relations campaign)* $720
Total $17,000

Estimated In Kind Contributions for HB#4

Please note these costs are are in US Dollars and are based on commercial daily rates and on last years donations.

3 Leadership / Coaching expert faculty* (program design, delivery, meetings, coaching) $500,000
1 Strategic / Coaching expert faculty* $150,000
2 Science expert faculty* $32,000
2 Visibility & Communication expert faculty* $50,000
Homeward Bound leadership/executive team contribution* (development of the project, alliances, negotiations, organisation) $200,000
Participant coaching, 4 sessions during program* $160,000
Diagnostics $54,000
Donated gifts for participants e.g. Kathmandu jackets, backpack, water bottles, beanies $100,000
Continued brand development and management $35,000
Premises and operational costs (office rent, facilities, phones, equipment, IT, printing) $40,000
Legal support (copyright, contracts and legal set-up)* and oversight $50,000
Accounting (bank, international transactions, book keeping, legal requirements)* $15,000
Total $1,386,000
Per Person (100 participants) $13,860
Total Program Value Per Person $30,860

*Costs based on commercial daily rates.

*Agencies contributing services at approximately 50% of normal rate. The global campaign is designed to elevate the visibility of the women involved.


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