The Convergence Steering Committee (TCSC) 2019

The Convergence Steering Committee acts as a conduit between alumnae and HB leadership, to facilitate connection and information exchange, to offer support to new cohorts, to provide updates about what alumnae are up to and how alumnae can get involved in HB projects. The Committee consists of 10 members from across all graduate cohorts. They connect to alumnae via social media, quarterly newsletters and other communication platforms.

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Reach out to them to learn more or to share your news with the HB network.

Ghislaine Platell
Cohort: HB1
Located: Perth, Australia
Background: Australian/French/ English
Current role: Consultant (sustainability)

Xuehua Zhang
Cohort: HB2
Location: Xuehua Zhang
Background: Chinese
Current role: Professor of Environmental and Climate Policy


Colleen Fitzpatrick
Cohort: HB3
Located: USA
Background: St Louis American
Current role: Pediatric surgeon

Lauren Sandon
Cohort: HB1
Located: Australia
Background: Australia
Current role: Environmental scientist

Sandra Velarde
Cohort: HB2
Located: New Zealand
Background: Peruvian
Current role: Economist, environmental governance

Sandra Kerbler
Cohort: HB1
Location: Germany, Berlin
Background: Australian/Malaysian/Austrian
Current role: Research (molecular plant physiology)

Stephanie Langerock
Cohort: HB3
Located: Belgium
Current role: Senior International Relations Officer at the Belgian Federal Public Service for Public Health, Food Chain Safety and Environment. 


Natalie Unterstell
Cohort: HB3
Located: Brazil
Background:Brazil Brazilian/Swiss
Current role: Digital transformation of policy, climate change expert

Gaia Dell’Ariccia
Cohort: HB2
Located: France then New Zealand
Background: Italian
Current role: Conservation scientist, seabirds

Anabella Palacios
Cohort: HB3
Located: USA
Background: Argentianian
Current role: Urban Planner


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