Director: Ili Bare
Producer: Greer Simpkin
Executive Producer: David Jowsey

What would the world look like if more women had a seat at the leadership table?

A story about leadership and the fight to tip the gender balance in Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths (STEM), and beyond. At stake is the fulfilment of female potential, cutting-edge innovation, and the application of optimum brainpower and leadership to tackle the world’s most pressing problems.

BEAUTIFUL MINDS (working title) explores the web of obstacles women and girls face in STEM and beyond, through the stories of those determined to overcome them. At its heart, the film interrogates the gendered lens through which we see the world, and the very human and flawed nature of the leadership that shapes it.

We are so excited to have been selected by Good Pitch2Australia.

Since the first scoping of the Homeward Bound concept, many people have expressed significant interest in participating to ensure the project delivers on its ambitions. Of particular note, are a group of film makers who believe that a documentary of the journey will be incredibly powerful. There is a keen desire to capture the value of women leading in our world, through the voice and experience of the women joining Homeward Bound. Whilst images will be captured of the experience, the real power lies in what the women do with what they create together so it is our intention to capture some of the stories before, during and after the 20 day Antarctic voyage.

As the film concept has grown, and the resultant support, there is also an intention to provide a challenging voice to viewers posing the question: why are we stuck around promoting women to leadership, what do they bring to the decision making table that our world needs, and why do incumbent leaders struggle so consistently to value this.

The filmmakers include:

  • Ili Bare – An award-winning director, writer and producer who has worked on over 50 hours of documentary and factual programming in the US, the UK and Australia. Her work has been variously reviewed as ‘extraordinary … powerful and potent, a real emotional revelation’; ‘brave and essential viewing’ and ‘unforgettable’. She is currently based in Sydney, Australia. W: www.ilibare.net
  • Greer Simpkin – joined Bunya Productions in March 2015 and is currently producing the Ivan Sen feature Goldstone and is an Executive Producer on the Rachel Perkins feature Jasper Jones. Greer is also producing the documentary The Shadowland  for ABC TV, directed by Kaye Harrison. W: bunyaproductions.com.au
  • David Jowsey – Independent Producer, Bunya Productions. Producer of feature films such as Goldstone, Mystery Road, Toomelah, Satellite Boy, Mad Bastards. Former Commissioning Editor, Documentaries, ABC TV. W: bunyaproductions.com

The evolving intention of the documentary is to now produce a 60 minute multi media release challenging the world to think about the role of women as leaders. Elements will include:

  1. Stories of 4-6 participants with particularly relevant global environmental/stewardship/activism stories (to be selected by the documentary team)
  2. Footage from the applications
  3. Faculty interviews
  4. Onboard experience–transformational leadership, the challenge of doing this on a boat, the connection to Antarctica
  5. Post trip–follow 4-6 stories of how the experience and network of Homeward Bound enables women to stay the course
  6. Interviews (Michael Moore inspired) of significant CEOs, political and academic leaders on what needs to change and are they personally changing/owning the change.
  7. Focus on call to action–women in leadership is a sustainability issue – we are more likely to make it if women are present in significant numbers guiding policy/decision making in many quarters.


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