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Fabian Dattner: Progress in Antarctica

Drawing parallels between two historic female expeditions, co-founder Fabian Dattner shares a glimpse of the magic of Homeward Bound In 1969, Sylvia Earle was part of the Tektite Project, an alliance between an entrepreneur and General Electric. She led a team of...

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Unexpectedness: as voyage hits half-way mark

At the half-way point of the voyage, participant Fern Hames lets us in on the rich sensory experience of being in the Antarctic and the unexpected wonders that present at this very moment in time If you could choose one word to describe today, it might be...

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A day in Paradise: Day 10

Homeward Bound participant Fern Hames provides a window into the paradise that was day 10 of the voyage Today we literally went to Paradise – well, Paradise Bay, which is completely aptly named. A stunning, snowy, mountainous landscape, reflected in the deep blue sea...

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Magic at Portal Point: Day 9

HB Participant Fern Hames shares her reflections on day 9 of the Antarctic voyage How many kinds of Antarctic magic can there be? We thought we’d seen the most amazing, magical place at Barrientos Island, and then ”Oh what about Half Moon Island?”, and then “Oh my...

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Voyage update: Molly Christensen on Day 6

On day 6 of the voyage, participant Molly Christensen gives us a day in the life of a Homeward Bounder Overnight we gently made our way through Antarctic Sound to wake up to spectacular scenery, mass amounts of sea ice and icebergs emerging from the Weddell Sea. Many...

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Why the world needs women leaders

Anticipating departure, Homeward Bound co-founder Fabian Dattner captures a moment in time that speaks to the spirit of what this project is all about 76 women with a science background? Off to Antarctica? What the hell are we doing? It's 9.45pm, Sunday night, 9...

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When a dream becomes reality

As co-founder Fabian Dattner sets off for Argentina to depart for the inaugural Homeward Bound Antarctic voyage, she shares her thoughts on the journey up to this point, watching a dream become a reality. Who would have thought that my life, and the lives of many...

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