Homeward Bound is a global, collaborative initiative in both its intent and also in its structure. It simply wouldn’t be possible for us to do what we do, and for our participants to engage with this experience as fully as they are able, without the support from many hands and hearts. For the many individuals and also the organisations that lend, or have lent, their support on the Homeward Bound journey, we give our sincere thanks, as follows.

The Governor of Tasmania, Her Excellency, Professor Kate Warner, who is a patron for the initiative.

LSI Coaching Team 

A personal thank you to the global team of LSI Coaches, accredited through Human Synergistics, who donated time to coaching multiple Homeward Bound participants through their Life Styles Inventory Reports:

HB3 Coaches: Aditi Patel, Adrian Banks, Allan Stewart, Angela Virtue, Anne Haine, Annette Gray, Beatriz Pyle, Catherine Kwantes, Chris Woodhouse, Cinzia de Rossi, Colin Newhouse, Diana du Plessis, Gabrielle McDonald, Gai Roper, Garin Rouch, Graciela Szwarcberg, Graham Richardson, Helen Corlett, Jacqueline Wales, Jenny Krasny, Jenny Postlethwaite, Jessica Layden, Jochen Grotenhofer, John White, Karen Delvin, Kevin Wren, Lesley-Ane Houghton, Lori Vanston, Lorraine McCarthy, Louyse Ahlquist, Lynn Pearce, Margit Mansfield, Marion Stanway, Melody Houssiaux, Michael Peacock, Myra-Ann Pickens, Nic Whitfield, Olga Perez Alonso, Pam Wilson, Patricia Griffiths, Rachel Read, Rollo Browne, Sabehia Mohamed, Shirley van Schagen, Simon Osborne, Stephanie Vogelius, Sue Bigham, Sue Constable, Susan Francis, Suzan Stub Jensen, Terence Seymour and Trina Skidmore.

HB2 Coaches: Michael Peacock, Rod Andersen, Corinne Canter, Fernanda Afonso, Marion Stanway, Jo McAlpine, Angela Chapman, Deanne Heidrich, Arthur Rindfleisch, Karen Delvin, Simon Osborne, Margit Mansfield, Beverly Sacks, Elana Kohn, Andrew Gross, Ross Anderson, Kim Dutton, Jenny Krasny, Alison Browne, Jessica Layden, Graciela Szwarcberg, Ian Pimblett, Susan Francis, Alan McGilvray, Terence Seymour, Sonya Hughes, Jill McCorkell, John Pollaers, Margaret Weber, Michelle Crawford, Gai Roper, Jenny Postlethwaite, Mandy Holloway, Sheryl Brosnan, Shirley van Schagen, Lesley-Anne Houghton, Greg O’Brien, Tracy Keevers, Mary Lemonis, Gauri Maini, Diana du Plessis, Annette Gray, Graham Richardson, Tayn Pavelic, Campbell Forsyth, Tammy Turner, Rhonda Jansz, Nicole Millar, Paola Uliana, Myra-Ann Pickens, Renata Marucci, Roberta Fairbairn, Peter Ivett, Sue Constable, Kevin Wren, John White, Lori Vanston, Chris Woodhouse.

HB1 Coaches: Andrew Gross, Anita Payne, Catherine Duvel, Fernanda Afonso, Graciela Szwarcberg, Jenny Kransy, Jo Cornick, Jo McAlpine, Karen Delvin, Kerryn Velleman, Mandy Holloway, Margaret Parkinson, Margit Mansfield, Marion Stanway, Michael Peacock, Peter Ivett, Ross Anderson, Simon Osborne and Steve Cartledge.

About Learning.JPG

About Learning  – About Learning is an educational training and publishing firm that works with organizations throughout the world on how to create high performance learning. They offer 4MAT, a transformative process for improving the quality of teaching and learning in any educational setting. Their corporate Division—4MAT 4Business—works with corporations throughout the US and Canada to help them improve their training and development programs.

Thank you to About Learning for donating 4MAT assessment to each our our HB1 participants and team members as well as Dr Bernice McCarthy donating her time to talk to our participants and debrief them about 4MAT.


i-nexus Strategy Execution software to help you achieve more goals, faster with less effort. Transforms the way you plan, execute and track your actions.

We thank i-nexus for donating their world class Strategy Execution Software to Homeward Bound in 2016 making great execution possible.

Eltham Office Choice – Eltham Office Choice is a wholly owned Australian and family operated business located in busy Bridge Street in Eltham (directly opposite Bunnings). They specialize in supplying small to large businesses, home offices and local residents with all their stationery requirements. Their aim is to make the purchase of stationery as easy and cost effective as possible. They are small enough to provide a very personal service, and yet large enough to offer a fast and reliable service to all our valued clients.

Thank you to Office Choice for the donation of key stationary items for the inaugural HB1 on-board program that can continue to be used for many programs to come.


MHS – is a leading publisher of psychological assessments in the areas of ADHD, offender management, and emotional intelligence.

We thank MHS for the donation of the MSCEIT assessment (Mayer-Salovey-Caruso Emotional Intelligence Test) to HB1 participants.

EB Psych

Evidence Based Psychology  help organizations harness the power of people by taking on the tricky stuff: emotions, beliefs, and behaviors. Their boutique consulting style is personal, connective and rooted in science. We thrive at the nexus of psychology and business, working to uncover potential and bring out the best in you and your people.

We thank Evidence Based Psychology for looking after the MSCEIT testing process for HB1 and for engaging with their accredited coaches to donate coaching to participants.

MSCEIT Coaching Team 

A personal thank you to the global accredited coaches who donated time to coaching multiple HB1 participants through their MSCEIT Reports:

 Angela Chapman, Caryn Cridland, Frieda De Ley, Garry Trotter, Jenny Postlethwaite, Juraj Ondrejkovic, Justin O’Brien, Karen Gotthelf, Kate Chaffer, Kerryn Velleman, Margaret Burnside, Michelle Morrison, Muffy Churches, Nad Philips, Nancy Hromin, Nerolie Golder, Nicole Norris, Paulette Awais, Robert Gordon and Shawn Price.

Past Leadership Team Members

Merryn McKinnon
HB2 on-board Science facilitator and coach
HB1 Alumna

Merryn is Lecturer at Australian National Centre for the Public Awareness of Science, The Australian National University. She started out as a marine scientist, but she soon realised that talking to people about her science could do a lot more. She moved to science communication and has stayed there ever since in a variety of roles and countries. Merryn has slimed presidents, made children laugh and created programs and events to change ideas, inspire interest in science and to help protect the environment. She is now a lecturer and researcher in science communication, helping the scientists, public health workers and policy makers of tomorrow to communicate clearly and with influence.

Kerryn Velleman
HB2 on-board Psychologist & Leadership facilitator

Kerryn is Director at Human Capital International and Founder/Director at Kru Consulting. As an Organisational and Coaching Psychologist with over 25 years experience in consulting and leadership roles, Kerryn coaches boards, senior executives, female leaders and change champions to optimise their influence of large-scale organisational, cultural and sector-wide change. She guide leaders in the negotiation and management of their careers; coaching them to strengthen their executive presence, leverage collaboration technologies and broaden their networks to build impact. Her passion is in developing the capacity and confidence of leaders to embed a coaching culture in their professional lives. Kerryn believes that embedding the discipline of reflective practice, supported by nourishing relationships, is key to helping leaders identify and question the assumptions and behaviours that shape decisions and enable them to thrive in complex, ambiguous and high pace environments. Kerryn is a level three accredited organisational coach (advanced coaching practice), mentor coach and qualified supervisor with the Institute of Executive Leadership and Coaching (IECL), the Psychology Registration Board and the Australian Psychological Society (APS).  She is recognised as a Professional Certified Coach with the International Coaching Federation (ICF), is a Member of the International Society of Coaching Psychology, leads the Women in Leadership group and facilitates supervision skills training for psychologists for the Victorian College of Organisational Psychologists.


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