The purpose of The Convergence is to be the voice of you, the alumni, as well as work to keep us all connected on whatever level we choose to be connected. Also, as the liaison between you, the alumni, and the HB Leadership Team, we will be letting you know about opportunities that arise for you to continue to participate in HB initiatives. The Convergence was formed to be a conduit for information; encouraging enthusiasm for projects/connections and making sure people know about them.  Giving updates (silly and serious) throughout the year.  (Links to talks and what people are doing, profiles of HB women, what are alums up to, etc.)

Dr. Raeanne Miller

Raeanne is currently based at the Scottish Association for Marine Science in Oban, Scotland, where she uses her expertise in knowledge exchange, innovation, marine industrial impacts, & benthic ecology to connect scientists, policymakers, businesses and communities to support sustainable industry, economic and social development with cutting-edge science. She is particularly interested in knowledge exchange & science literacy, climate service development, marine renewable energy, and marine infrastructure, although she also works across the marine sciences more generally.

Raeanne’s other research interests include population biogeography, understanding how the installation of man-made structures in the sea influences marine habitats, and how this affects the wider ocean ecosystem. She is a strong advocate of public engagement with science, and has worked with schools, developed activities for music festivals, and delivered public lectures to encourage an ongoing dialogue with diverse audiences around renewable energy development, the history of women in marine science, and science leadership.

She was also selected as an Equate Scotland ‘Inspirational Woman in STEM’ in 2016.


Dr. Shelley Ball
Founder & President, BIOSPHERE Environmental Education 

Shelley is a biologist, educator, photographer, and environmental storyteller. She has a PhD in evolutionary ecology and population genetics of aquatic insects, has been a university professor of biology and was one of the pioneers of DNA barcoding, now a global research initiative that uses DNA sequences to identify animal species and to explore the biodiversity of our planet.

Shelley is passionate about sharing her thoughts and experiences in education, nature conservation, photography, leadership, and environmental storytelling with audiences around the world. She has taken numerous students exploring in the field, including trips to Costa Rica, the desert environments of the southwestern United States, the Colorado Rocky Mountains, and the forests and seashores of Maine.

Shelley is founder and president of BIOSPHERE Environmental Education, an organization focused on connecting people with nature and inspiring them to cherish and protect it.  She is passionate about educating people, especially youth, about environmental and conservation issues through experiential learning and inspiring them to become change makers and influencers who will guide their generation toward a sustainable way of living. She works to inspire and support women in STEM as well as women’s leadership and career development. She does this through career and life coaching, and women’s empowerment workshops. Shelley uses photography and videography as tools to connect people to nature. Her Youth Environmental Ambassadors Program takes youth around the world on environmental leadership expeditions and she has created a similar program in nature conservation travel for adults and families.

She has also had the honour of being chosen as a speaker for the September 2017 TEDxOttawa event at Algonquin College.

Dr. Deborah Pardo

Deborah is a passionate scientist with 7 years of international experience in developing demographic models to understand the causes and consequences of endangered species’ population declines linked with human actions (e.g. climate change, fisheries, introduced species, pollution).

Juggling with complex information to have a positive impact on the environment drives her efficiency, especially when fueled by a dynamic collaborative team.

Awarded speaker, top 20 woman in innovation in France 2017 by the financial journal La Tribune, encouraging and supportive teacher and supervisor, ambitious motivator, Deb thrives when inspiring people and organisations to progress and achieve their best.

Deborah’s enrollment with a decade long global women in science leadership training allows her to be constructive out of her comfort zone, build on collective intelligence and successfully combine a promising academic profile with a resourceful interdisciplinary expertise and contagious enthusiasm.

Betty Trummel
Founder & President, The Science Roadshow

Betty retired in 2015 from a 35-year career in elementary teaching, and 10 years as an adjunct professor of Science Education at Northern Illinois University. She’s also taught at over 40 National Wildlife Federation Conservation Summits (now run as nonprofit Family Nature Summits) since 1983 and loves to reach out to learners of all ages to teach about the natural world and environmental/conservation topics.

Three expeditions to Antarctica have focused on education outreach, working alongside a global community of scientists at the U.S. McMurdo Station. The knowledge gained from each scientific research expedition has been brought into not only Betty’s classroom, but classrooms and to groups around the world through outreach programs centered on STEM and current science research in polar regions.  A focus on women/girls in science has always been particularly important.  Collaborations with education and science colleagues is a top priority for Betty.

Since 2004 Betty has co-led a teacher exchange program with educators from the U.S. and northern Sweden, based on environmental education and sustainable development. She’s helping to develop study abroad opportunities in Sweden, Finland Australia and New Zealand, linked to the College of Education at the University of Illinois. She’s also on the Executive Committee for Polar Educators International (PEI) an organization that connects educators and scientists as a global education community.

In July, 2016 Betty assisted as one of the educators on a scientific adventure to Svalbard, in the high Arctic, to work with her Italian colleague, Matteo Cattadori.  He designed and implemented a high school student expedition called “Research and Education Svalbard Experience” (RESEt).

Teaching is her passion, sharing hikes/rambles and the natural world is her joy. Her newest adventure: The Science Roadshow, is a business she started to continue to promote lifelong learning in science and technology. Dedicated to doing science presentations/programs to learners around the world and workshops for educators, this is a way that Betty can share her passion for education for years to come.


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