We believe that supporting women in science to significantly improve their clarity, confidence, shared vision and strategic capability, will enhance their opportunity to take up leadership roles globally and proactively contribute to a sustainable world. We believe strongly that in doing this, we could all help create a greater focus on the concept of a ‘global home’ – with integrity, a drive for results, an ability to motivate others, a deep care for relationships and a measurably effective will to collaborate towards this shared ambition.

It’s not that men can’t or won’t do this.  However, when time is short it would seem that an enhanced diversity in leadership teams, by ensuring more women are at the executive table, might serve us all.

This is just the first step.  Over ten years, we want to build a global collaboration of 1,000 women who have a scientific background.  Support them into leadership roles, encourage them to stay, to help shape policy and decision making, networked to each other, each in their own way fighting for change, all collaborating for a shared vision.


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