What lies beyond the mist: Cindy Shellito

Have you ever sat at one of those moments in your life when the clouds hang overhead and you’re not really sure which way is up? You long for a breeze to blow that mist away and give you a new view of that snow-capped mountain. Or, maybe you imagine that you’ll have a...

Sharing a cabin with the woman who changed the world: Fabian Dattner

She finishes washing her smalls. I watch her from my bed as she carefully places them on a towel. I’m an arm’s length away. She rolls the towel up and I reach out a hand. With no words exchanged, she hands me one end. In a timeless manoeuvre, we wring out the...

New Friends: Alicia Collins

Today we did an early morning landing at Hydrurga Rocks on the Gerlache Strait.  As we disembarked our zodiacs, we were instructed to move single file in silence past the two Weddell seals sprawled out on either side of our path so as not to disturb their rest.  It...

Reflections from Ushuaia: Mary-Ellen Feeney

It has felt like a week of firsts, but in many respects this is a common theme throughout the Homeward Bound Program. As a strategic leadership program for Women in STEMM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics and Medicine)

Reflections from Ushuaia: Fern Hames

Each day I write a #HomewardBound #haiku, trying to capture, in those brief, structured lines, something of the transformative journey we are on. Today is New Year’s Day

Reflections from Ushuaia: Lorna Slater

How does a cause become a movement? In the same way that a trickle becomes a flood or a few pebbles start an avalanche. Homeward Bound is movement in both senses. Over the last week, women have trickled in to Ushuaia, Argentina to join together. We started meeting in...

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Meet the amazing women of #TeamHB3 – about to set sail for Antarctica!


We’ll be selecting our next cohort Feb–April 2019.

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