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If… reflections on International Women’s Day: Fabian Dattner

Imagine if we didn’t need an International Women’s Day. Imagine if men and women worked in equal numbers, if men and women were leading our governments, our corporations, our efforts to tackle the myriad of environmental issues our planet faces equally.

Returning from Homeward Bound: Kelsie Clarke

Settling back into my day to day life was a strange experience. I had been through something similar once before, following a secondment into an Aboriginal organisation in Sydney, Australia. It’s almost a feeling of reverse culture-shock coming back to a life you know so well and cherish

Reflections on my (39th) birthday: Stephanie Langerock

Last Saturday was my birthday. I turned 39, the final ‘stop’ before I turn 40, an age often considered a turning point in life. Remember, “Life begins at 40”.

Embracing change with open arms: Steph Gardner

How many of you would feel comfortable with being asked to shut your eyes, spun around a few times, and then submit to trusting your partner to guide you to a new destination? Or even asked to take a step forward without knowing what is ahead? Do you lean into the unknown?

Unfurling layers of transformation with Homeward Bound: Cindy Shellito

“Do you feel totally changed?” A friend asked me after my return home from our Homeward Bound journey to Antarctica. I’ve just participated in a year-long transformational leadership program. If I haven’t ‘transformed’, does that mean it’s all been a waste of time and money?

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