Prof Mary-Anne Lea

Homeward Bound Co-founder; Board Director; Chair of the Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Subcommittee of the Board; Science Stream Leader & Facilitator

Prof Mary-Anne Lea is a polar marine ecologist whose research focuses on the influence of climate change and variability within the marine environment on the behaviour, distribution and conservation of birds and marine mammals, in the Southern Ocean, Alaska and Australia. She has participated in over 20 remote expeditions and voyages to study marine mammals and seabirds. Currently, Mary-Anne is Professor in the Ecology and Biodiversity Centre at the Institute for Marine & Antarctic Studies, University of Tasmania. Mary-Anne has worked with researchers all over the globe and across systems (sub-Antarctic/Antarctic, sub-Arctic Alaska and North Pacific and temperate).

She is a strong advocate for diversity, equity and inclusivity in all walks of life, and is happiest when collaborating with others and studying animal behaviour. She is a member of the Scientific Committee for Antarctic Research (SCAR) CCAMLR delegation, the SCAR Expert Group of Birds and Marine Mammals and also co-founded the Women in Polar Science Network.

You can connect with Mary-Anne via LinkedIn and Twitter.