Homeward Bound was created to increase the influence and impact of women leading with a STEMM background in making decisions that shape the future of our planet.

Its goal is to give 10,000 women by 2036 the skill and will to lead with impact and influence for the greater good. By connecting influential women in STEMM and putting them through this leadership initiative and creating global collaboration, Homeward Bound will ensure that there is greater diversity at the global leadership table.

Guiding us is our Strategy Map, which outlines the key needs and deliverables of the initiative. The strategy is reviewed annually and updated as required to reflect any new developments or changes in priority or focus.

Click here to view Homeward Bound’s Strategy Map and Definitions.



Born in 2014, Homeward Bound has grown and evolved organically in response to experience, feedback, changing needs and the ideas of various committed stakeholders. Beginning as a social enterprise, Homeward Bound now operates as a not-for-profit.

Board of Directors
Responsible for the oversight of Homeward Bound, by providing strategic networking; supporting the initiative’s purpose, strategy and values; acting as advisor to the Business Hub, faculty and other teams as and when required; and assisting in the mitigation of risk. Working with the board are a number of dedicated subcommittees.

CEO & Project Management Team
Responsible for running the Homeward Bound business: making and managing key decisions and ensuring the delivery of the Homeward Bound Strategy. The Hub also has oversight of all operational decisions regarding scheduling, ships and building/managing strategic alliances, in order to ensure the Homeward Bound’s growing impact and sustainability.

This small but dedicated team – working from ‘HB HQ’ – aims to ensure the successful administration and delivery of the Homeward Bound initiative; principally, its leadership programs but also its outreach activities. They also help facilitate the development and growth of Homeward Bound by supporting and coordinating key teams and stakeholders in the implementation of strategy towards achievement of Homeward Bound’s vision and purpose.

Faculty Teams
Responsible for development and delivery of content – online, onshore and onboard – for each annual program.