Homeward Bound was dreamt by one person, brought to life with the creativity and efforts of a few, and established with the support of many more. It continues to grow and develop exponentially thanks to the combined efforts of many people now, around the globe.

We thank the hundreds of participants who have completed the program to date, whose feedback and ideas have influenced the program in significant ways, improving the experience for each cohort that follows them. They are integral to Homeward Bound. You can meet these wonderful women by clicking through to each of the cohort pages: HB1, HB2, HB3, HB4. 

All HB alumna join the Convergence upon graduation. This group has a steering committee led by alumnae from across all cohorts. You can learn more about this Committee and connect with alumnae by visiting the Convergence Steering Committee page here.

But here we would like you to meet the people behind the delivery of the Homeward Bound initiative. With the exception of the small program management team (three part-time staff), everyone on this page volunteers their time, skills, knowledge and care to help fulfill Homeward Bound’s purpose: leading for the greater good; managing the planet as home.

We’ll start with the teams at the heart of operations and strategic development – the Business Hub, Board and Operations Team. Then, as a number of people are on several teams and contribute across different program years, the subsequent profiles are presented in alphabetical order rather than by team or traditional hierarchy; we are a collaborative network, active at different times in different ways.

Come and meet them!

Fabian Dattner (bio)
Co-founder of Homeward Bound
Board Director
Business Hub Executive Member
Chair of the Global Communications Subcommittee of the Board
HB Impact Theme Co-leader
Leadership Stream Leader
Online and On-board (HB1-4) Facilitator


Jing Huang (bio)
Program Coordinator

Dr Justine D. Shaw (bio)
Co-Founder of Homeward Bound 
Board Director
Business Hub Executive Member
Chair of the R & P Subcommittee of the Board
HB Community Theme Co-leader
Science Stream Leader
Online and On-board (HB1,2,4) Facilitator

Marion Macleod (bio)

Dr Mary-Anne Lea (bio)
Co-Founder of Homeward Bound
Board Director

Member of the Business Hub Executive
Chair of the Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Subcommittee of the Board
HB Community Theme Co-leader
Science Stream Leader, online and on-board (HB1,2) facilitator

Gretchen Gagel (bio)
HB Board Director
Chair of the Fundraising Subcommittee of the HB Board

Jodi Schmidt (bio)
Homeward Bound Board Chair

Marshall Cowley (bio)
Program Design Architect
Business Hub Executive Member
HB Experience Theme Leader
Leadership facilitator online (HB1-4) and on-board (HB2)

Michelle Crouch (bio)
Board Director
Company Secretary
Homeward Bound Foundations Theme Leader
Leadership Coach & On-board Logistics (HB3)

Narelle Sullivan (bio)
Homeward Bound Operations Manager

Xuehau Zhang (bio)
Board Director, Chair of the Sustainability Subcommittee of the HB Board , Member of the Convergence Steering Committee 

Christiana Figueres (bio)
Strategic Climate Change Policy Expert
Global filmed faculty member
facilitator / Elder on-board HB3

Fern Wickson (bio)
HB4 on-board Lead Facilitator 

Greg Mortimer (bio)
HB1 Expedition Leader

Kerryn Velleman (bio)
HB2 on-board Psychologist and Leadership facilitator

Lorraine McCarthy (bio)
HB4 on-board Leadership facilitator / LSI coach

Musimbi Kanyoro (bio)
HB4 Elder and on-board Leadership facilitator

Sharon Robinson (bio)
Science facilitator on-board HB3

Ana Payo Payo (bio)
HB4 on-board Communications & Logistics

Dr Katherine Duncan (bio)
Science facilitator on-board HB3

Kit Jackson (bio)
Strategy Stream Leader; online, on-shore (HB3) and on-board (HB1,4) facilitator

Maria Cashin (bio)
HB4 Antarctic Expedition Leader

Megan Oaten (bio)
Wellbeing Team Co-Leader 

Nekeisha Reid (bio)
Strategy Stream Leader and Online Facilitator
 HB5 on-board Strategy Facilitator and Coach

Sarah Anderson (bio)
Visibility Stream Leader, online and on-board (HB2) facilitator
HB communications and campaign strategist

Dr Sophie Adams (bio)
Wellbeing Team Co-Leader
HB3 on-board Independent Mental Health Clinician

Anita Goh (bio)
HB4 Wellbeing Team member

Dr Deb O’Connell (bio)
Overall & Leadership facilitator on-board HB3

Dr Jen Martin (bio)
HB4 on-board Sci-Comms Facilitator

Kate MacMaster (bio)

HB5 Lead Facilitator

HB2, HB3, HB4, HB5 Reflective Practice Coordinator

Kylie Lewis (bio)
Visibility facilitator on-board HB3

Merryn McKinnon (bio)
HB2 on-board Sci-Comms facilitator and coach

Pollyanna Lenkic (bio)
HB3 on-board Leadership facilitator and coach

Robin Chase (bio)
HB5 Elder

Cassandra Brooks (bio)
HB4 on-board Science facilitator

Fern Hames (bio)
Sci-Comms facilitator on-board HB3

Graciela Sczwarcberg (bio)
HB4 on-board Leadership facilitator / LSI coach

Julia May (bio)
Visibility Stream Leader, online and on-board (HB1,4) facilitator

Her Excellency the Honorable Kate Warner AM,
Governor of Tasmania (bio)
Program Patron

Monika Schillat (bio)
HB3 Expedition Leader

Assoc. Prof. Sandra Radovini (bio)
HB4 on-board independent Mental Health clinician

Tara Shine (bio)
Visibility Steam Leader and Online Facilitator 
HB5 on-board Visibility facilitator (science communications)


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