Anita Goh

HB4 Wellbeing Team member

Dr Anita Goh is a Clinical Neuropsychologist and Research Fellow, National Ageing Research Institute, Neuropsychiatry Unit, Royal Melbourne Hospital; Academic Unit for Psychiatry of Old Age, The University of Melbourne (Huntington’s disease lab head). As a neuropsychologist and scientist, Anita is committed to improving the life and health of older people. Her work focuses on optimising mental health and wellbeing, and dementia prevention and care. She is passionate about creating a future-friendly environment for our ageing population, which requires strong research and fundamental changes throughout healthcare organisations and in policy. Anita’s personal mission is to always empower and inspire people to be the best, most authentic, versions of themselves, and enable them to learn and grow beyond their current bounds. She is committed to gender equality and is proud to be part of the collective that is making significant improvements for women in STEMM. Originally from Malaysia, she lives in Victoria, Australia. Many moons ago, she won trophies for latin dancing, but nowadays is more often found dancing the Hokey Pokey with her children.


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