Lead Facilitator & Program Curator HB7

Bianca Anderson is a consultant and facilitator supporting committed, social-impact businesses realise their fullest potential for positive impact. She works with leaders and organisations to realise the potential of our skills as emerging stewards of our planet.She skilfully guides organisations and individuals through curated processes that build their capacity to generate higher-order levels of value from their work; moving from fragmented to whole-systems thinking and doing; seeing systems as alive, evolving and cyclical and our specific role within them.

Her diverse toolkit combines experience from the fields of group facilitation, human-centred and design thinking, social entrepreneurship, international development, transformative education and regenerative practice. She’s lived and worked across the globe including in India, Cambodia, Malaysia, Zambia, Tanzania, the USA and western Europe.

She holds a Masters of Business Administration in Social Entrepreneurship and Sustainability, Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering, an Advanced Diploma in Group Facilitation and Collaboration and is a continuing scholar with the Regenesis Institute for Regenerative Practice.She’s been named as a Future Leader of Industry by the Aluminimium Company of America, an International Presidential Fellow at Colorado State University and as an USAID Higher Education Solutions Network International scholar supported by the International Development Innovation Network and Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

She lives in the bush on Palawa Country in Tasmania, Australia.