Fern Wickson

HB4 on-board Lead Facilitator 

At the heart of Fern’s work is an interest in interconnections – e.g. between humanity and nature, science and society, theory and practice, thought and action. Holding a PhD across biology and political science, Fern is an award-winning expert in transdisciplinary research; she is passionate about weaving different fields of knowledge together. Her work has particularly focused on understanding the interface between science, ethics and politics in environmental decision-making, and practising a politics of ecological care.

Living and working in Norway, Fern currently works as the Scientific Secretary of NAMMCO (North Atlantic Marine Mammal Commission) – an intergovernmental organisation providing scientific advice for policy on the management of whales and seals. She also runs her own yoga and meditation studio, The Peaceful Wild. She has previously worked as a Research Professor of Environmental Governance, leading an array of international research projects and teaching across biology, business studies, philosophy, medicine and engineering. She is also a past president of the international Society for the Study of New and Emerging Technologies (S.NET), member of the Norwegian Biotechnology Advisory Board, and expert delegate to the IUCN and IPBES. Fern is an HB2 Alumna, and will bring together all of her experience to ensure the smooth and effective flow of HB4 on-board content delivery in her lead facilitation role.