Jen Martin

Onboard Sci-Comms Facilitator HB4 & Visibility Facilitator HB6

Jen spent many years working as a field ecologist, until she decided the most useful thing she could contribute as a scientist was to teach other scientists how to be effective and engaging communicators. Jen founded, leads and teaches the University of Melbourne’s acclaimed Science Communication Teaching Program. She is deeply committed to helping scientists develop the skills they need to be visible, make connections and have impact.

Jen also practices what she preaches: for nearly 15 years she’s been talking about science each week on 3RRR, Australia’s largest community radio station, she writes a popular science blog, is a member of the Science Gallery Melbourne Leonardos and writes for CSIRO’s Double Helix Magazine. In order to face the impostor syndrome head-on, Jen is currently embracing a variety of new challenges. These include hosting medical podcasts, writing a science communication textbook and running marathons.