Julia May


Together with Sarah Anderson, Julia May leads the Visibility Stream of the Homeward Bound program. Julia was also a Facilitator of the visibility program for HB1 – HB4.

Julia’s vision is that when her two little daughters are grown, the world will have been brought back from the brink. However, global systemic change is urgently needed and more women leaders are necessary for that scale of change: the reason Julia joined the founding leadership team of Homeward Bound in 2015 and co-created the Visibility program.

Julia is a communicator, strategist, coach and activist who believes that visibility – the combination of self-aware leadership and authentic, strategic communications – is a key that can unlock potential and accelerate positive change. As co-founder of the Visibility program, her intention is to support women in STEMM with the will and skills to be purposefully visible, in order to create better outcomes for the planet. Julia is a co-founder of Visibility Co., a strategic consultancy that works with purpose-driven individuals and change-makers in government, non-profit and corporate settings. Julia started her career as a journalist, spending five years as a foreign correspondent for the Sydney Morning Herald and holding senior roles at Reuters and The Times of London. Her top four values are justice, compassion, courage and making a difference.