Kate Duncan

Onboard Science Facilitator HB3 & HB5

Kate started her research group ( as a Chancellor’s Fellow and Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in Marine Antibiotic Discovery at the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, Scotland in 2016. With over 13 years of international research experience in marine natural products, Kate completed a MChem (Scotland), an International MChem research placement (Florida), a PhD in Biomedical Sciences (Canada), and two post-doctoral fellowships (Marine Biomedicine. University of California and Marine Biotechnology, Scottish Marine Institute). Kate’s interdisciplinary research encompasses molecular biology, genomics, microbiology, phylogenomics, chemistry, oceanography and comparative metabolomics to discover new microbially produced antibiotics from our oceans. In addition to Homeward Bound, Kate was selected for the 2017 Scottish Crucible (30 future research leaders of Scotland) and, in 2018, was elected to the Microbiology Society Prokaryotic Division (Environmental Microbiology). Kate is passionate about the recognition of women in academic leadership positions and aiding the career development of early career researchers. She is an HB2 alumna.