Kylie Lewis

Visibility facilitator on-board HB3

Kylie is an executive coach, presenter and digital strategist with over 20 years experience across five startups. In 2013 she founded her own consultancy and educational organisation Of Kin, with the aim of increasing the leadership capability and visibility of women and their businesses. Intellectually hungry and a pragmatic self-starter, Kylie is on a mission to humanise work and build courageous leaders, cultures, communities and families. In 2014 she co-authored Add All To Cart, and in 2016 her book The Leap Stories, based on her blog series was published. In 2017, in conjunction with Small Business Victoria, she launched the In The Company podcast.

Kylie holds a BA in Psychology and Sociology (Hons) and a Masters of Business in eBusiness and Communication. She is an accredited facilitator of Dr Brené Brown’s Dare To Lead™, Daring Greatly™ and Rising Strong™ curriculum, unpacking vulnerability, shame, courage and leadership, and Dr Judith Glaser’s work on the neuroscience of conversational intelligence. In 2019 she trained with Al Gore to become a Climate Reality Leader. She is currently studying systems thinking for social change, and systemic team coaching

Kylie believes in the power of a good nap, that things only get better by being talked about and that vulnerability is a superpower. Oh, and that you should always buy the shoes.