Lorraine McCarthy

HB4 on-board Leadership facilitator / LSI coach

Lorraine is a highly experienced counsellor, coach and facilitator. She spent many years working as a teacher and counsellor in secondary schools in New Zealand before moving into private practice, then ultimately joining Human Synergistics Australia as part of their consulting and training team. She is considered a global expert in working with the Life Styles Inventory™ (LSI) to help leaders become more effective in their roles and more fulfilled in their personal lives.

Her focus is on empowering individuals. Over her 20+ years of experience, Lorraine has become widely recognised for her use of psychodrama in her counselling approach, to enable people to revisit their past. She is passionate in her efforts to help individuals see their intrinsic value, understand what might have led them to believe their value was dependent on others or tasks, and develop a relationship with themselves that is compassionate and loving. History can be rewritten. Anchored in a belief in one’s own creative potential, anything is possible.

Lorraine has a Masters in Counselling and the highest level membership of ACA and NZAC. She lives between Australia and New Zealand, splitting her time between her career and being an active mother and grandmother.