Megan Oaten

Wellbeing Team Co-Leader 
HB2 Alumna

Megan is Senior Lecturer at Menzies Health Institute, Griffith University Queensland. She holds a PhD in Social Psychology and is a registered psychologist. Her research focuses on emotion and disease-related phenomenon in humans. Megan has been the recipient of the prestigious Australian Postdoctoral Fellowship (2010-2012), funded by the Australian Research Council, and is a CI on two Australian Research Council Discovery Project Grants (2015-2018), including “Determining the role of disease avoidance in stigmatization” and “Western-style diet and impairments in food-intake regulation in humans”. Megan was recently invited to present her research to The Royal Society, Theo Murphy International Scientific Meeting, Chicheley Hall, UK, 2017. Her research is featured in several undergraduate textbooks and she is a scientific reviewer for top-tier international journals as well as international funding bodies, including the Australian Research Council (ARC), The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NOW), The French National Research Agency (ANR), The Medical Research Council, UK, The Leakey Foundation, USA and The National Science Foundation, USA.