Dr Phoebe Barnard

Busara Circle Facilitator

Scientist, public policy analyst, strategist and film co-producer Dr Phoebe Barnard has a long-running fire in her belly for transformative sustainability change, led by women and men with collaborative values. She works at scales from global to local on climate risk and resilience, ecosystems, global change, and societal futures. She is the Conservation Biology Institute’s Associate Strategist, Affiliate Professor at University of Washington, and Research Associate at University of Cape Town, and was awarded globally for impactful teambuilding. Phoebe founded and led transformative programs in Namibia, South Africa and North America, and collaborative transdisciplinary research and climate preparedness work. She mentors young professionals across Africa, Europe and the Americas, all now leaders and changemakers in their own rights. Phoebe was a participant in Homeward Bound 1.