Dr Rowan Brookes

HB5 & HB6 Leadership Stream Co-leader & Facilitator

Rowan believes in the transformative power of education and training. Rowan has designed and delivered programs on scientific leadership across undergraduate and postgraduate levels, including for the Defence sector. Currently, she’s the Academic Program Director (STEM) at the University of Melbourne.

She advocates for the importance of women supporting women to unlock potential. Rowan has co-founded, ‘STEM side-by-side’, a program to support women in STEM across sectors, has advised on gender equity at a national level and frequently mentors.

Rowan’s heart belongs to the outdoors. She has a PhD and a BSc in ecology and a BA. As an endurance athlete, she’s frequently found traversing Australia’s longest trails by foot or bike. She has joined Homeward Bound because she wants to support women to take effective and collective action on global issues.