Sandra Radovini

HB4 on-board independent Mental Health clinician

Sandra is a Consultant Psychiatrist and Director of Mindful, the Victorian state-wide Child & Adolescent Mental Health teaching and training unit for professionals working with children, young people and their families. Mindful is part of the Department of Psychiatry, The University of Melbourne. Sandra has held a number of key leadership positions in Mental Health: as the inaugural Chief Child Psychiatrist (2009–11), in the Office of the Chief Psychiatrist with the Victorian Department of Health and as the inaugural Clinical Director of headspace – National Youth Mental Health Foundation (2012–16).

Sandra has successfully led teams working in complex environments, from direct service delivery to designing new systems of care to influencing government policy.In particular, she has had longstanding interest in developing innovative ways of working with and reaching out to vulnerable young people, and their families and carers. She has a collaborative and inclusive leadership style, and is passionate about enabling people to work at their best. Travelling the world, walking on the local surf beach and playing in the garden bring her joy.