Dr Sophie Adams

Wellbeing Stream Leader
HB3 onboard Independent Mental Health Clinician; HB6 Wellbeing Mental Health Clinician

Sophie is the inaugural Wellbeing Stream Leader. She is also a Consultation Liaison Consultant Psychiatrist. She currently works as Medical Director for the Mental Health Division, Austin Health. Her interests encompass leadership, culture and systems change, clinical governance, youth mental health, neuropsychiatry and somatoform disorders. In her day-to-day work, she manages complex systems of people in health services and has a humanistic collaborative leadership style. Sophie believes true meaning comes from enabling others to flourish. She is a clinician who works with consumers and leads staff within teams, and an academic with research interests in neuropsychiatry and service system provision. She is interested in resilience and shared decision making. Sophie has a lifelong love of true wilderness and roaming in the world. Sophie was a participant in HB2, on-board independent Mental Health clinician for HB3 and is Wellbeing Mental Health clinician for HB6.