What if men and women led our world in equal measure – would our world and the decisions we make on behalf of future generations be different?

Would we be more collaborative, inclusive, more legacy minded and more trustworthy with assets – people and money?

We believe that supporting women in STEMM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths and Medicine) to significantly improve their clarity, confidence, shared vision and strategic capability, will enhance their opportunity to take up leadership roles globally, and to proactively contribute to a sustainable world, both individually and collectively.

In doing this, we aim to create a new way of leading that is better suited to the world we are now living in, with a greater focus on the concept of a ‘global home’ – led with integrity, a drive for results, an ability to motivate others, a deep care for relationships and the will to collaborate towards this shared ambition.

It’s not that men can’t or won’t do this. Rather that, when time is short, it may be that the balance of men and women on leadership teams will serve us all.

Over 10 years, we aim to build a global collaboration of 1000 women with backgrounds in STEMM. They will be visible, collaborative, networked and impacting the decisions made in many quarters for the greater good.

This is a small but meaningful contribution to a very complex challenge we all face.


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