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We’re excited to announce that the next Homeward Bound voyage will depart in February 2018 and applications are open for the 12-month program from January 20th – February 20th 2017. APPLICATION DETAILS AND ONLINE FORM ARE BELOW. 

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Click the pink link below to read about the application process and learn more about Homeward Bound 2018

Homeward Bound 2018 Application Process and FAQ

After having a few very genuine concerns about the first payment being too much for some we were able to negotiate with Antarpply and they generously changed their payment terms to allow us to give participants more time for the first payment. We are very pleased to be able to let you know the first payment will now be 25% of the total fee due by March 17th (originally being 50% by March 10th), with an additional payment of 25% due by May 1st, with the following 2 payments remaining in place. Thank you to those that voiced you concerns.

Click the pink link below to read the Homeward Bound 2018 Terms and Conditions

Homeward Bound 2018 Terms and Conditions


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