Applications for #TeamHB6
are now open!

 Homeward Bound 6 will welcome 100 women of all ages from around the world, as we build towards our vision of a global collaboration of 1000 women with a background in STEMM.  #TeamHB6 will be connected with the 410 women from our first five cohorts, who represent 40+ nationalities across the globe.

For a glimpse into life as a Homeward Bound participant, check out the videos below.

What you need to know before you apply

Step One: Application Information and Eligibility

To check if you are eligible to apply, please read the Homeward Bound #6 Program Overview & FAQs document before you begin your application.


Step Two: Application Content

To apply for Homeward Bound, you will be required to submit your application online. Applicants will need to:

  • Complete all application questions
  • Submit a 3-page curriculum vitae (CV)
  • Complete and provide a link to your 2-minute video pitch


Step Three: Application Process

All applications must be submitted online.

Please be prepared, and allow enough time, to complete and submit your application in one sitting – there is no option to save and come back to it.

A word version of the online application can be downloaded here – this contains application questions, steps and information. We suggest using this document to prepare your application, and to then cut and paste your answers into the online template.

You will find details on how to upload your 2-minute video pitch in both the word and online versions of the application. Please note that you will need to have your video already prepared before you start your application. For tips on what to include your video, check out HB1 alumna Dr Heidi Steltzer’s video here.


Final date for applications

Applications close at 10am on Monday 6 April 2020 (AEST).


Announcement of successful applicants

The results of your application will be emailed to you on 25 June 2020.


Special note to residents of China and other countries with restricted access to mainstream online platforms (e.g. Google, Facebook)
If you have trouble accessing or submitting your application, please contact the Homeward Bound Program Coordinator. We advise submitting your application as early as possible before applications close, in case there are any accessibility/submission issues that need to be resolved.

Now that you are ready, click here to begin your application


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