As #TeamHB3 make their way home from Antarctica after a life-changing experience, we share more photos and reflections from aboard the #MVUshuaia. Stay tuned for more updates as the women return to their homes, families and lives, and apply their leadership lessons.

Learning on board the MV Ushuaia is innovative and collaborative.   We work together, sharing expertise and skills to build our capacity to lead. #womeninSTEMM

We start our days in Antarctica with mindfulness practice.  Today we used these cards to identify things to be grateful for. We are collectively grateful be in this wild and fragile continent and to have each other to learn and grow with. #strongertogether

Did you know we clean our boots before and after every landing to make sure we don’t bring any pollutants onto Antarctica?  We need to be sure we don’t bring any seeds or contaminants on to land that could threaten the local biodiversity. #strongertogether

Balance, poise and trust!  Leadership, Homeward Bound style.  #strongertogether (Ginger Yeh and Lorna Slater)


Sailing into Paradise Bay and taking a moment to appreciate the beauty of nature.   Every day on this continent is breathtaking and transformative. #strongertogether

 Tara Shine @changebydegrees @shine_tara