Authored  by Kirsten Maclean


The Island Sky is currently home to approximately 109 women and non-binary people (plus ship crew, expedition crew and hospitality team), with a background in STEMM, dedicated to work as a collective to contribute to the sustainability of our planet.

Drawing inspiration from the leadership sessions presented by the HB Faculty, I realise that we create our new home by purposefully setting our intentions: to celebrate our experiences, develop deep connections and learn from each other for a more sustainable planet.

Thanks to the captain and crew, together we navigate rough seas, waves of up to 8m, and also enjoy calmer sailing. We meet for early morning coffee, meditations, and/or group exercise classes. We dine together on the open air ‘Lido deck,’ admiring the biodiverse life of the Southern Ocean.

Together, we create the space to express awe for our planet as we connect with the many sights, sounds, tastes, and sensations derived from place-based experiences of Antarctica. We share insights into our personal leadership journeys (at the International Symposium at Sea) and stitch together bunting to decorate ‘The Club’ – a communal space on the Island Sky. We make our bunting from fabric and materials that hold individual and personal significance. It signifies our coming together in this place and time.

Photo: Women making bunting. Credit: Karen Alexander