Authored by Clare Bond & Sallie Pearson


Today we enter calmer waters. Sheltered by the Falkland Islands in the sunshine, we gather to explore the LSI leadership diagnostics (Life Styles Inventory), contemplate our own leadership, our internal narratives, and how they impact our ability to lead. As Homeward Bound Projects co-founder and visionary Fabian Dattner says, “unconstructive thinking is ‘Doing Life Hard’. Effective leadership is about reflecting your most constructive self inwardly, as well as outwardly. It is about leading how you would like to be led, and understanding how constructive thinking, strategy and action enables others to lead and value constructive leadership styles.”

Our constructive thinking has been challenged by the news that we will not travel to South Georgia as planned, as landing and visiting sites there have been closed due to Avian Flu, and visiting might add risks to wildlife. Our individual response to the news and narrative influences others. Staying longer in the Falkland Islands creates new prospects and we bring our constructive leadership style to the fore to create new narratives and celebrate new opportunities.


Photo: Exploring the LSI leadership diagnostics (Life Styles Inventory).