Support global women of STEMM with a donation to Homeward Bound

There are three ways you can support women, and non-binary individuals, with a STEMM background to collaborate for global change.

1. Donate to Homeward Bound to help achieve its vision – we know that diversity creates better leadership, thinking, understanding and outcomes. When you donate you will be investing in leadership capability of the world’s most promising women in STEMM.

2. Support the Homeward Bound scholarship fund. This enables women who otherwise wouldn’t get the chance to participate in our transformational leadership initiative. They in turn will help to build a more enduring future for both the communities in which they live and lead and, indeed, in our world at large.

3. Support an individual woman on her professional leadership journey.  Many participants fundraise to support their participation in the HB initiative and the experiential immersive component.  You can donate via their individual fundraising pages or if you are a business, we can provide further information about sponsorship.

4. There are tax-deductible options for AU and USA based donors. Please reach out through the link below if you’d like more information.

Please get in touch for more information about supporting Homeward Bound and its participants here.



Scholarship fund

You can make a donation to our scholarship fund

General donations

You can make a donation to our priority projects for Homeward Bound