During the second Homeward Bound voyage we’re bringing you stories from the ship of more than 20 of the participants, plus members of the leadership team, in their words and pictures.

Whilst the voyage to Antarctica is the peak of the Homeward Bound program, the participants actually spend 10 months beforehand preparing for it. Their program focuses on leadership, strategy, science communication and collaboration and encourages the women to get to know each other and form relationships and networks before the voyage.

Our next HB Correspondent Lee Constable hosts a kids’ science TV show in Australia. Here she talks about her childhood hero and how the Homeward Bound program prepared her for the voyage and cultivates female superheros for our planet.


Packing for Antarctica is a daunting task but on my list next to the thermal underwear, wool socks and down jacket were other items that seemed out of place- a green wig, blue tights and some red satin gloves. A tradition on many ships is to have a costume party and for the Homeward Bound Antarctic voyage I would celebrate the halfway mark dressed as Captain Planet!

Captain Planet was an American cartoon in the 90’s which was very popular with Australian kids like me. Captain Planet and his team of 5 planeteers (representing 5 continents and 5 special powers- Earth, Fire, Wind, Water and Heart) would fight the good fight against villains who were bringing about environmental destruction. In the playground we would argue over who could be which character and run around ridding our imaginary world of pollution or halting deforestation. The messages of the show were clear- You can be a planeteer and care for the planet. The catchphrase was ‘The power is yours!’.

When I’m not on Antarctic voyages with women in STEMM, I host an Australian kids TV show about all things STEM. The show is called Scope and we cover topics like technology, sustainability, engineering, health and more. Because of this role I have become very aware of the importance of being a positive role model to young people. Given the challenges facing the future of our planet, young people need to be inspired and engaged with discussions around climate change and environmental sustainability.

I decided to dress as Captain Planet because the character inspired action and thought in so many young people and I hope that I can do the same. And because a lot of the themes that have emerged through Homeward Bound also came out in that 90’s cartoon.

Here are some of the qualities shared by Homeward Bound participants and planeteers:

  1. COLLABORATION: One of the Homeward Bound catchcries is ‘Stronger together’. Like the planeteers we can work together and rely on each others skills to solve problems.
  2. DIVERSITY: The best solutions are formed when diversity is valued. Planeteers and Homeward Bounders alike, represent people from all over the world. We are diverse in our career paths, age, experience, culture, language, race and more.
  3. PURPOSE: We have come together, like the planeteers, because we have a genuine concern for the future of the planet and want to work to create a better world.

So with the spirit of Homeward Bound and Captain Planet I’ll go forth into the world to make it a better place and I hope you’ll join me.

We need more Captain Planets and we need more planeteers. The power is yours!

With a double degree in Science/Arts and honours in biology, Lee has a diverse background in environmental science, plant science, sociology and drama. Lee loves combining science with media and the arts. She was a presenter in the Questacon Science Circus while gaining a Master of Science Communication Outreach, and started a youth-run radio show called SoapBox focused on social justice and sustainability. Lee now spends her days on camera and her nights planning her passion project, Co-Lab: Science Meets Street Art.

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