Project 10: Engagement of Family

Members: Holly North, Kate MacMaster, Sharna Jamadar, Denise Hardesty, Phoebe Barnard, Cathy Moir and Molly Christensen 

The purpose of the project is to increase engagement of family, friends and communities in the lead up to, as well as during the voyage in 2016 to Antarctica, spreading the word of HB and gaining an understanding of how important family and community support is to success of Homeward Bound and the ongoing leadership journey of its participants.

During this project the project team developed a letter for HB participants to then forward on to special and important people in their communities and families. This letter acknowledged the amazing commitment that the HB participants were making and the important role that families, friends and/or communities play in supporting women in their endeavours. We offered some options for family, friends and communities to engage with the Homeward Bound journey of the participants. These included:

·         engagement through our Homeward Bound Community Facebook page (;

·         preparing a ‘love from home parcel’ for each participant to open on the boat;

·         or to engage through participant blogs which could be posted whilst on the expedition.

The project team is continuing to develop some other ideas that will continue engage the participants and broader communities and hopefully provide a small memento for the participants to take away with them.

By the time we are farewelling the HB participants at the end of December, we anticipate that the broader HB community will have a better understanding of just how important family and friend support is to success of women in leadership.  The project team also hopes to share some insight into the importance and role of families, with future cohorts of Homeward Bound women.