Congratulations on your offer of a place in Homeward Bound 7.

Please use the form on this page to accept or decline your offer and, if accepting, share some information with us for the #TeamHB7 page on our website and your personal profile. You can see how this look’s for the current cohort, #TeamHB6, here.


Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be a global meetup for #TeamHB7 in Antarctica?

A global meet-up will be offered as an extension to the #TeamHB7 virtual program when international travel is again equitable and safe. Due to the many uncertainties around international travel at this time, we are unfortunately unable to provide details at this time. Homeward Bound will always endeavour to offer the most cost-effective global meet-up experience for our participants. The cost for the global meet-up therefore will be determined once details are confirmed.

Homeward Bound’s aim is to get to Antarctica and this has certainly not been ruled out. However, if travel to Antarctica is not equitable and safe, as mentioned above, we will consider other options. We will make and advise of such decisions as soon as we possibly can.

We appreciate your understanding that we are living in unprecedented times which makes definitive answers to your (very reasonable) questions impossible to answer. Rest assured that while we cannot make any guarantees at the moment, our priority is to provide you with the best possible and complete Homeward Bound Program.

What support is there for fundraising for program fees?

Homeward Bound supports the fundraising efforts of participants in the program in a number of ways.

1 – A comprehensive Fundraising and Communications toolkits will be sent to participants early in the new year.

2 – TeamHB7 will be invited to the final sessions in the Busara Circle Money Masterclass series toward the end of January 2022

3 – We hold a Masterclass for all #TeamHB7 participants in late February, with alumnae presentations about their fundraising experiences and plenty of time to ask questions.


When is my deposit payment due?

The deposit payment is due within 7 days of signing the Terms & Conditions for the program. These will be sent to you in late January 2022.

As outlined in your letter of offer, the total program fee is AUD $8,900*, to be paid in four instalments:

Virtual Program
Payment #1 (upon signing the Terms & Conditions) – AUD $200**
Payment #2 (1 Feb 2022) –  AUD $2,900
Payment #3 (15 Mar 2022) –  AUD $2,900
Payment #4 (15 May 2022) –  AUD $2,900

* Program fees are to be paid in AUD.
** Non-refundable deposit.

Fees for the global meetup will be advised when we are able to make a decision about global travel.




Are scholarships available for Homeward Bound 7?

Scholarships are not available at present as we rely on support from sponsors and donors to make these happen. If scholarship opportunities are available in the future, we will consider all program participants as part of the process.

In the meantime, consider whether your situation allows you to accept a position in the program based on your capacity to attract financial support from your community and/or your employer.

To assist you with fundraising, HB7 Participants will be invited to an alum facilitated call on fundraising on 25 January 2022, and HBHQ will hold a HB7 specific fundraising call in February before the program starts. We will also have HB Fundraising and Communication Toolkits available. The dates and toolkits are currently being finalised and will be made available to you in the new year.