Upon graduation of the Homeward Bound program, each participant becomes a member of a global alumnae network (which we aim to number 10,000 by 2036). This network is called The Convergence, and it was so-named by members of the first graduating Homeward Bound cohort. This name, chosen by the first cohort of alumnae upon their return from Antarctica, reflects that we are a unique network of Women and Non-Binary people who come from all walks of life coming together for a greater purpose.


The name reflects two phenomena that parallel key aspects of the Homeward Bound initiative:

  1. The Antarctic Convergence is a significant natural boundary – unique to this polar region – where the relatively warm waters of the world’s southern oceans meet the cold, north-flowing Antarctic waters. Crossing this threshold means entering a zone rich in marine, land and bird life that is rare on the other side. For the participants of Homeward Bound, crossing this threshold also serves as a metaphor in their leadership development journey. Having completed 11 months of their program largely online, once on-board together and voyaging into Antarctic waters, they cross into exploring unique personal and collective territory, rich with diverse and meaningful experiences.
  2. ‘To converge’ is to meet, to come together. The HB alumnae network is a space in which women and non-binary people sharing a background in STEMM and the experience of Homeward Bound also bring a unique combination of talents, skills and passions.


Recognizing the history of Homeward Bound, we are voyagers, previously travelling to the Antarctic after completing an online leadership program, we crossed into exploring the unique personal and collective territory of Antarctica, rich with diverse and meaningful experiences. Moving beyond Antarctica, here at Homeward Bound we will continue to have an in-person, experiential component of the Homeward Bound program. Our growing network is an opportunity to continue connecting and collaborating, which can serve as a testament to the greater power of ‘we’ rather than ‘I’.

Alumnae is a term used to refer to a group of female or non-binary graduates, and we use this term consciously compared to the more frequently used ‘alumni’.



The Convergence Steering Committee (TCSC) is an independent body, created and maintained by committed cross-cohort volunteers from Homeward Bound alumnae.

To learn more about and connect with the TCSC, click HERE.