The Convergence Steering Committee (TCSC) 2021

The Convergence Steering Committee acts as a conduit between alumnae and the Homeward Bound leadership, to facilitate connection and information exchange, to offer support to new cohorts, to provide updates about what alumnae are up to and how alumnae can get involved in Homeward Bound projects. The Committee consists of 10 members from across all graduate cohorts. They connect to alumnae via social media, quarterly newsletters and other communication platforms.

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Reach out to them to learn more or to share your news with the Homeward Bound network:

Alex Jenkin
Cohort: HB4
Located: Cambridge, UK
Background: British
Current role: Project Manager at Gatsby Plant Science Education Programme

Ginger Yeh
Cohort: HB3
Located: Melbourne, Australia
Background: Taiwanese Australian
Current role: Delivery Lead in Solar Victoria (Government)

Blanca Bernal
Cohort: HB4
Located: Virginia, USA
Background: Spanish
About: International expert in carbon & greenhouse gas accounting & ecosystem services

Kimberly Vinette Herrin
Cohort: HB2
Located: Auckland, New Zealand
Background: American Australian
Current role: Zoo and Wildlife Veterinarian

Jana Schniete
Cohort: HB4
Located: Ormskirk, UK
Background: German
Current role: Postdoctoral Researcher in Bacterial Metabolism

Amelia Tandy
Cohort: HB4
Located: Canberra, Australia
Current role: Program manager for a national research program on climate systems science

Madeleine Hann
Cohort: HB3
Location: Machester, UK
Background: UK
Current role: Geomorphology Doctoral Researcher


Mette Hoé
Cohort: HB3
Located: Copenhagen, Denmark
Background: Danish
Current role: Team Lead, Smart Mobility, Ramboll

Kathryn Piazza
Cohort: HB4
Located: New York, USA
Current role: Freelance Biochemist

Stephanie Langerock
Cohort: HB3
Located: Belgium
Current role: Senior International Relations Officer, Belgian Federal Public Service for Public Health, Food Chain Safety & Environment.


Jennifer Woodgate
Cohort: HB1
Located: Brisbane, Australia
Current role: Process Engineer with BHP



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