The Convergence Steering Committee (TCSC) is an independent body, created and maintained by committed cross-cohort volunteers from Homeward Bound alumnae, who facilitate cross-cohort connections and initiatives within the Homeward Bound Convergence alumnae community. TCSC aims to have at least one member from each cohort, with volunteers involved for a period they are comfortable with (usually 2 years) from across global geographies with diverse representation. 

The purpose of the Convergence Steering Committee is to facilitate connection, communication and collaboration within the network of Homeward Bound alumnae and participants (i.e. the Homeward Bound Convergence) at local, regional and international levels. TCSC works alongside efforts of the HB Board and HB Operations Team towards the vision that by 2036, we will together be powering a network of women and non-binary people in STEMM that is 10,000 strong and is collaborating, leading and influencing the decisions that shape the future sustainability of our planet. 

TCSC works alongside Homeward Bound Projects, with a purpose to foster lasting connection with the Homeward Bound Program initiative by developing a lasting and mutually beneficial relationship between the HB initiative and alumnae. TCSC oversees, coordinates and supports The Convergence network. Key objectives to facilitate this include: 

  1. Encouraging collaborations, information exchange and support between different cohorts of Homeward Bound cohorts to strengthen the Convergence;
  2. Serve as link between the Convergence, Homeward Bound Projects Operations Team and Homeward Bound Projects Board; and
  3. Enhance visibility of and access to alumnae-led groups and activities.


We’re happy to receive expressions of interest from any alumnae seeking to join The Convergence Steering Committee at any time – the more the merrier! If you’re interested after reading this document, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at to find out more and get involved.

The Evolution of TCSC

In 2017, five women from the inaugural HB program – Betty Trummel (US), Shelley Ball (Canada), Raeanne Miller (UK), Sarah Brough (Australia) and Deborah Pardo (France) – volunteered to form the inaugural The Convergence Steering Committee (TCSC). 
Since then, individual alumnae from the Homeward Bound Projects cohorts volunteer their time for a period they are comfortable with (usually 1-2 years) to keep this steering committee active with diverse representatives across as many previous cohorts as possible, across the global geographies. 

The TCSC has evolved over time to include alumnae across all cohorts to date, across geographies and time zones. We’d like to take this opportunity to thank all present and past TCSC members for their tireless efforts and sacrifices, bearing with early morning or late-night calls and endless document reviews. Without you, our vision for The Convergence would not be as it is today.

Members of the TCSC over time are listed below:




2022 January-June: 

2022 June – early 2023: 


2024- current: