HB9 Program – Frequently Asked Questions





What time of the day will the online program workshops be held? A more detailed program curriculum will be provided shortly. In the past, sessions have been held at 7am and 5pm Melbourne, Australia time zone on a fortnightly basis (every two weeks). This is likely to remain.
Where can I find the program outline with more details?    A more detailed program curriculum and calendar will be provided soon.
What if you work full-time.  Can you provide more details on the number of hours per month required for the online program and what it will include?   

The program comprises of 30 online lectures, personal and leadership development tools, coaching sessions, visibility training and the opportunity to develop meaningful collaborations – in forums, in teams with a focus on areas of interest, and in small diverse cohort groups.

You will be required to commit to approximately 10 to 20 hours per month in the online component of the program, including:

  • Bi-monthly video calls and masterclasses (1.5 to 2-hour sessions)
  • Collaboration with other Homeward Bound participants and alumnae
  • Completion of diagnostics
  • One-to-one coaching and upskilling
  • Potential contribution to special leadership development projects

A more detailed program curriculum to follow soon.

HB9 Applicant Information Pack


Where I can get information about the cost of the program, the payment options available, and any scholarships that may be offered?

The total cost for the HB9 online (virtual program) is AU$9,705 (AU$10,675 inc GST).

There are several ways to pay your Homeward Bound invoice. Click here to review your options.

When scholarships are available, we consider all applicants who meet the scholarship criteria. (Please review information on scholarships as below).

What is the HB9 cohort payment schedule?


Non-refundable DEPOSIT is due upon accepting your Letter of Offer AUD$200.00 (ex GST). Your Letter of Offer will include details of how to pay. 

Payment in full is due by 30th July AU$9,505(ex GST)* 

If paying in two instalments, see below:

Instalment #1 of AU$4,752.50 (ex GST) * Due by 15 July 2024

Instalment #2 of AU$4,752.50 (ex GST) * Due by 15 August 2024.

* Australian residents will be supplied with a Tax Invoice which includes GST.

Program fees are to be paid in Australian Dollars AUD. Any bank transaction and associated fees are your responsibility.

What do I need to know about payments if my employer or sponsor is funding my program participation? If your employer or a sponsor is funding your participation, whether partially or in full, please ensure they are aware of HB’s payment instalment dates as outlined in the HB9 Applicant Information Pack or as above.  Any late payments or non-payments may result in you forfeiting your place in the program.  It’s advisable to discuss this with your employer or sponsor now, rather than waiting until after your acceptance.  
Is it possible to contribute more to the first payment and have it deducted from the second payment, or pay all in full?  We are flexible in accommodating how you wish to be invoiced, if there are no outstanding payments past the due date. You can pay the entire amount in full if you wish.
Can you pay your program fees using a credit card? Yes, you can. There is a link on your invoice to take you to Pin Payments portal.
How do I pay my invoice?  Here is a link to how to pay your invoice.
Do you offer tuition discounts to NFPs?  Unfortunately, we do not. Our contract and agreements are with the individual participating and not with companies. Homeward Bound Projects Limited is a not-for-profit and social enterprise Any surplus funds are retained by the company to fund operating costs and to keep the delivery of our leadership program as accessible as possible.



What happens if I don’t make my deposit on accepting my letter of offer?   We require a deposit to hold your place on the program. If you fail to make a deposit by the due date your place on #TeamHB9 may be offered to another applicant.
Can I see the Terms and Conditions before I accept the offer?   The Terms and Conditions will be provided to each participant that accepts the letter of offer. You are not contractually bound to your acceptance of the letter of offer and can accept or decline the contract and terms and conditions once you have reviewed them.
What happens next after I accept the offer?    Once you accept the offer for a place in the leadership program, and pay your deposit, you will receive the Terms and Conditions and an invoice for full payment.
I accepted the offer via the “view form” but my application is still “in progress”. Is my acceptation registered?   Yes, your acceptance of the offer will be registered in our system. However, your status remains in-progress until you sign your contract.. 
Can I defer my place in the program to a future program?
If you would like to defer your place in the program, you will need to reapply when a new program for the next cohort is rolled-out. Unfortunately, we do not accept deferment.



The payment for the online program is due shortly after accepting the offer to participate. How can HB support us if we are fundraising?

A fundraising masterclass was held in April. Click here to view our Fundraising Toolkit, and click here to view our Fundraising Masterclass Slides. You can watch a recording of the 2023 Fundraising Masterclass here

If I am fundraising for this program, what happens if I cannot raise the funds in time?  Please refer to our Fundraising Toolkit for assistance with your fundraising efforts. To ensure your participation in the program, we need to receive payment before the program commences in August 2024. If you anticipate any difficulties in making payments, we encourage you to reach out to us so we can discuss further.
Will there be a course/session on how to fundraise and if so, when will this be? A fundraising masterclass was held in April. Please check our Fundraising Toolkit to help you with your fundraising initiatives.
Can Homeward Bound offer any financial support, or recommend any scholarship opportunities to cover the cost of the online training program? To help you with your fundraising initiatives, please refer to our Fundraising Toolkit. Everything you need to know to kick-start your fundraising campaign is in this toolkit.
If I decided to apply for HB9 because of the scholarship for South Pacific Women in STEMM, what information can you provide me?

All successful HB9 applicants located in the South Pacific region (Aus, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands) who meet the Homeward Bound scholarship criteria will be considered for a scholarship. The successful scholarship recipients will be announced in July prior to the start of the program.

If more scholarship funds become available, we may be able to offer further scholarships.



As part of the experiential component of the program, are we going to Antarctica?

As outlined in the HB9 Applicant Information Pack, in addition to your letter of offer, Antarctica will no longer be included. Antarctica has been a core part of Homeward Bound program to date, but we lead as we promote through our work and have made the decision that it is no longer right to travel there. Team HB9 will be part of piloting a new, vital and sustainable experience.

If I complete the online program, do I have to participate in the experiential component of the program?

Once you complete the online leadership program, you will be inducted into our global alumnae network ‘The Convergence’. While participation in the experiential component is recommended, it is not compulsory. If you are unable to participate in the experiential component with your cohort, you may have the opportunity to join a later program, subject to availability. 
What happens if life circumstances changes between now and the planned experiential component? 

We understand that circumstances can change, and as we haven’t confirmed the face-to-face component of the program yet, speculating now would be premature.  We’ll be happy to address that aspect when the time comes.

When will we be advised of the new immersive experience location and what it includes?

Currently, Homeward Bound are reviewing potential locations for the new immersive experience. The HB9 cohort will be the first to experience the new and exciting location, that will push the boundaries, strengthening our commitment to fostering transformative leadership through immersive experiences.  We hope to provide more information to Team HB9 in the coming weeks, from late July 2024.

What are the costs associated with the experiential component?

The decision to redesign the experiential component was to make the program more accessible and affordable to even more of our participants across the globe.  The associated costs will be determined once details are confirmed of the selected location and its program.



Homeward Bound is a transformational leadership initiative for women with a background in STEMM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics, medicine), from around the world. The program has four core development components, or ‘Streams’: leadership , strategy, visibility and science. The key components are woven together into an integrated program, delivered by an expert global faculty.


The world needs a new kind of leader and our #TeamHB9 cohort for the Homeward Bound program represent the diversity, initiative, bravery and skill we are looking for. These 100+ women and non binary people have been selected from an immensely impressive application pool,  for our eighth program. All have a background and/or qualification in science, technology, engineering, mathematics or medicine (STEMM).


In 2018 and 2019, women at Homeward Bound embarked on a mission to uncover the truther about diversity in the fields of science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and medicine (STEMM). 

The result is a published paper and a Gender Fact Sheet summary. As these undeniable facts highlight, we have a long way to go to achieving equality.