Homeward Bound: Learning leadership in and from Antarctica

Cassandra Brooks (left) and Dr Justine Shaw (right). Image: Will Rogan Icy wind from the Antarctic continent stings our faces as we crouch in the zodiacs straining to hear the crackling of the ice. Water rises and falls around us as if it’s breathing. Small pieces of...

Te mana o Hinehukapapa. We are ancestors of the future.

Walking up the snowy peak in Antarctica I am pinching myself. High above the ocean, the strange shapes of icebergs make for a surreal panorama. It is quite literally awe inspiring. It is a place where our Mother Earth reigns supreme. I am not alone. I stand with 100...

Q and A on Collaboration with Aparna Lal

MAKING RESEARCH USEFUL: THE POWER OF DEEPER COLLABORATION BETWEEN ACADEMIA AND POLICYMAKERS Q&A with Aparna Lal and Julia May, Co-founder, Visibility stream, Homeward Bound Aparna Lal is an ecologist and public health researcher interested in how environmental changes...

Final Reflections from #TeamHB4 | Ingrid Albion and Dr. Amanda Hensley

Imagine travelling on a journey away from everything familiar to you, to spend three weeks on an intensive journey of self-discovery. On this journey you develop and hone your leadership skills with 100 other like-minded, purpose-driven women in STEMM to build a...

Seven Climate Reality Leaders Take Collective Action in Antarctica

I find myself on a ship, anchored on a harbour in Antarctica. Outside the window, the silken water is broken by clumps of ice and framed by soaring, snow-covered mountains. On the ship with me are 100 extraordinary women from 33 countries, all driven by the same...

Leadership and Trust: Associate Professor Sandra Radovini

What is trust? Trust is a key pillar of all good relationships; it is the foundation that supports strong and long-lasting collaborations. It is the base of effective team work. Trust can be thought of as an invitation: an invitation to openness, to communication, to...

Building a global network of 1000 women in STEMM to influence policy and decision making as it shapes our planet.

#HB3 Departure to Antarctica








Mother Nature Needs Her Daughters


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