Whistleblower Policy

This policy aims to encourage reporting of misconduct that is of legitimate concern and to provide a safe reporting mechanism and investigation process for people who make disclosures. The policy sets out who is entitled to protection as a whistleblower under this policy and how disclosure made by whistleblowers in accordance with this policy will be handled by Homeward Bound Projects Ltd.

Access the policy here.


Homeward Bound statement on global conflict

The board of Homeward Bound makes this statement  in response to the wars being fought around the world:

Homeward Bound stands for inclusive and transparent democracies believing all voices should be heard without threat of recrimination  and we stand in solidarity with all those affected by war.

We stand by  those who have lost someone or something they love due to violence.

All war is reprehensible.

We stand with all refugees forced to leave the people, places and lives they love, fleeing invasion or political persecution.  We acknowledge this pain.

The leadership the world so urgently needs calls on us not walk past this and the broader and pernicious problems of our times.

This links to Homeward Bound’s mission,  purpose and values by cultivating a collaborative, legacy minded community. Leadership calls on us all not to ignore global human suffering.


Privacy Policy

Homeward Bound is committed to providing quality services to you and this policy outlines our ongoing obligations to you in respect of how we manage your Personal Information.

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