COVID-19 Statement

Mother Nature Needs Her Daughters

Given the enormously challenging times we currently face, Homeward Bound believes that now, more than ever, the world needs leaders who are legacy-minded, who value collaboration over competition, and use their heads and their hearts in decision-making and leading.

Right now, the importance of science to inform our choices, and of women leading with a STEMM background, has grown exponentially.

To date, 420 women in STEMM from around the planet have completed or are participating in Homeward Bound. Many of these women are working at the frontline of this global pandemic, as health care providers, medical researchers, epidemiologists, health policy analysts, disaster experts, and global decision-makers. We stand behind them all and acknowledge their central contribution as leaders.

Homeward Bound is in continual dialogue with global stakeholders, government and public health organisations and will continue to be guided by their expert advice. 

By 2036, Homeward Bound aims to engage with 10,000 women, all with a STEMM background, influencing for the greater good. We will continue to hold true to our purpose, despite uncertainty. We are adaptive and innovative and will respond as quickly as we can to the necessary changes. We will do this with the full engagement of alumnae and participants.

Homeward Bound’s number one priority is to ensure that the purpose of Homeward Bound endures, and we will do this by ensuring the safety of our participants, faculty, volunteers, staff and partners.

Our current cohorts, Homeward Bound 5 & 6, will not be travelling to Antarctica in 2021 as a result of the pandemic.

We will bring you further updates as the situation evolves.

Homeward Bound Board and Leadership Team