At the heart of Homeward Bound is the foundational belief in women with a STEMM background leading for the greater good. The aim of the initiative is to build a collective of 1000 women leaders with a STEMM background, equipped with the skills to collaborate more effectively and have an impact in our world as individuals and collectively.

The Leadership Stream forms a key component of Homeward Bound’s annual program; it is the thread that runs through the entire experience, spanning the online learning modules, the on-the-ground curriculum delivered in Argentina and Antarctica, through to the ever-active alumnae community. The Leadership Stream is underpinned by four key propositions:

  1. Trust in the current practice of leadership is collapsing globally. The model of leadership that worked for us – ‘I over we’, aggressive, competitive, short term, male-dominated – needs to be rapidly replaced with collaboration, inclusion, a legacy mindset and absolute trust in leaders’ handling of money and the people/communities they serve (something that women can and should be visible in leading). This is vitally important given the challenges the world currently faces.
  2. Everyone is entitled to their beliefs but not their facts. COVID-19 elevates the critical importance of listening to fact and evidence-based opinions. Homeward Bound has, since its inception, elevated the visibility and importance of women with a STEMM background leading for the greater good.
  3. Women are still in the extreme minority globally and, despite qualifications, skills and significant experience, deal with multiple forms of discrimination. This includes disparities in research funding, systemic bias in the way organisations operate and the implications to, and additional responsibilities, of family.
  4. The planet is in crisis and needs the best possible leadership collaboration.


Image credit: Oli Sansom

The Leadership Stream’s primary focus is both strategic (building participants’ influence) and intimate (building deep layers of self-awareness and understanding around how participants are perceived as leaders by the very people they are tasked with leading). The Stream is committed to ensuring that women who participate feel able and willing to lead, aware of what parts of their story are helping and what parts are holding them back. The Leadership Faculty support participants – in close partnership with the Visibility Stream and a team of 60 leadership coaches from around the world – to find their centre and build strong foundations for leading in many different contexts.

After completing the program, participants will have a deeper understanding of their learning predispositions, how to work in a pod environment and how to manage difficult spaces and increase influence. Homeward Bound supports participants to build and expand on coaching skills and, most important of all, ensures the women leave as one community, indelibly connected by the shared experience of Antarctica.

The leadership skills gained by program participants are evident globally. Homeward Bound alumnae have led the way in tackling gender challenges faced by women in STEMM, have developed carbon offsetting programs, presented at the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP25), are collaborating on the Antarctic Marine Protected Areas initiative, have won awards, and presented hundreds of TED Talks, speeches and at conferences around the world.

The Leadership Stream is led by Homeward Bound CEO/ Co-founder and leadership expert Fabian Dattner.

Now is the time, more than ever, to develop leadership skills for the future of the planet and bring forward a new way of leading. Take the step and apply for our 2021 leadership program of a lifetime. Applications for Homeward Bound 6 close Monday 6 April 10am AEST.