There is a deep and primitive reaction to symbols amongst humans of all nations, great symbols anyway. At some level, they are universal, ancient, enduring. They are versatile, repetitive. They tell a cultural story and they tell us about our connections. Elmwood Studios, one of the world’s great brand companies, has donated their time to Homeward Bound because they believe so deeply in our core purpose – 1000 women with a science background supported to take their place at the leadership table, influencing decisions as they inform policy and care for our world.

They have created a powerful brand that speaks to the core of what we stand for.

The logo is a deconstruction of the old symbols for men and women, it is a kiss and a hug, it is ‘X’ marks the spot. It is unique, hand drawn, an image everyone can recreate, and every iteration is an expression of the person who made it, man or woman.

And why ‘mother nature needs her daughters’?

Well now, if you need me to explain this, it says it all.




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