19 September 2023

Women leaders from 25 countries unite to witness climate challenges up close
Homeward Bound is unveiling its next bold challenge and is gearing up for unprecedented
voyages of discovery and transformation. A powerhouse team of 188 exceptional women,
hailing from diverse backgrounds across 25 countries, are set to embark on a 19-night
expedition to Antarctica. This marks Homeward Bound’s largest ever expedition.
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1 November 2023

Renowned Climate Change Advocate Christiana Figueres Inspires Women of Homeward Bound to take action
This week, on November 3rd, one of Homeward Bound’s two voyages to Antarctica departs from Ushuaia, Argentina, as part of the world’s largest all-women expedition. Prior to the upcoming voyages, global climate change leader Christiana Figueres presented to the Homeward Bound global community during a highly anticipated webinar on Wednesday, October 25, 2023, AEDT, broadcasting live from Costa Rica, sharing her invaluable insights on the urgent climate change crisis.
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27 November 2023

Largest all-women voyage navigates the Antarctic
An international cohort of 188 women, hailing from diverse corners of the globe, is currently embarking on a remarkable journey across the Antarctic Ocean. United in a collaborative mission, these women represent 25 countries, with 82 participants from Australia and four from New Zealand. Over the course of a 19-day voyage, these accomplished women, all with backgrounds in Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, or Medicine (STEMM), will be led by the global leadership initiative, Homeward Bound. This pioneering expedition aims to champion the long-term sustainability of our planet by allowing these women to immerse themselves in one of Earth’s most precious ecosystems.
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