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‘A crew of 78 women is headed to Antarctica for bigger reasons than research.’ February 2016

Marie Claire

‘Rocking the Boat.’ July 2016


’76 women voyage to the edge of the world to fight gender inequality.’ March 2017



‘The largest all-female expedition to Antarctica, aiming to combat sexism in the sciences, has set sail.’ December 2016

New York Times Live

‘Female scientists will brave Antarctica for STEM leadership camp.’ 29 July 2016

ABC News 24

‘Kumi Taguchi spoke to co-founder Fabian Dattner and project manager Hayley Young.’ November 2016


February 2018
The Age – Homeward Bound: Women of science on Antarctic mission to save the planet by Kate Clarke
LA TÊTE AU CARRÉ – French radio interview with Gaia Dell’Ariccia on national French radio
The Courier UK – Lecturer will fly the flag for Angus on the high seas as part of Antarctica all-female expedition featuring Beth Christie

January 2018
City News, Canberra – Canberra women face some cold, hard truths featuring Susan Scott, Madeline Mitchell, Nicole Fetchet and Aparna Lal
THNK – Mother nature needs her daughters: Sylvia Struck’s Antarctic expedition
Weekly Times – Science: All-female mission to Antarctica featuring Marie Clark

October 2017
Lifestyle Overnight with David Prior – interview with Fabian Dattner
The Daily Edition, Channel 7 – Model Laura Wells heads to Antarctica
Grist – How to stamp out sexual harassment when it’s reached the ends of the Earth, featuring Lee Constable
The Couch – Couch EXTRA, Neesha Seth talks to Rachel Zombor from WA Women in Science
National Science and Technology Council of Mexico – Mexicana participará en programa de investigación en Antártida, featuring Sandra Guzmán

September 2017
BuzzFeed – 20 Women Who Could’ve Been On Vogue’s Women Of The Year Cover Instead Of SRK Or KJo, featuring Purvi Gupta
The Female Scientist – Meet Dr. Alicia Pérez-Porro, a marine biologist who´s fighting climate change from underwater!

August 2017

Hackney World – featuring Purvi Gupta
InTheBlack – Breaking ice in Antarctica to inspire women leaders in STEM, featuring Samantha Hall

June 2017
NowThis Her – These scientists are back from Antarctica, and they’re ready to lead the fight against climate change.
Decision Point – TO ANTARCTICA AND BACK, Justine & Nancy are Homeward Bound
The University of Queensland – Why I am going to Antarctica, featuring Cécile Godde
Burnet Institute – From lab to icebergs: Sarah’s amazing journey
Lismore Echo – Women of science mix it with polar opposites, featuring Ellen Moon and Megan Oaten

May 2017
9 News Canberra – Four Canberra-based scientists have been chosen to travel to Antarctica, as part of an all-female expedition
ABC Evenings Lindy Burns – Victorian women in science, technology, engineering and mathematics bound for Antarctica, interview with Rebecca Doyle
The University of Queensland – The league of extraordinary women
NZ Herald – Kiwis join all-female Antarctic expedition
GetSurrey – Guildford physicist to be part of all-female team travelling to Antarctica in 2018, interview with Paola Tello Guerrero
The Courier – Angus scientist’s expedition to the end of the earth, interview with Beth Christie
The Vancouver Sun – Vancouver woman one of 80 worldwide chosen for elite expedition to Antarctica, interview with Sylvia Struck
Guide and Gazette – Beth to boldly go in the name of equality, interview with Beth Christie
Peninsula Clarion, Alaska – Cook Inletkeeper scientist will head to Antarctica, interview with Sue Mauger
2CC Talking Canberra – Canberra scientists bound for Antarctica
9 News Illawarra – PD student Rachelle Balez, from the UOW: University of Wollongong, Australia has been selected for the trip of a lifetime, setting out on an all-female expedition to Antarctica
Inspired Magazine – Women scientists rally for future of the natural world
The Province, Vancouver – Vancouver woman one of 80 worldwide chosen for elite expedition to Antarctica, interview with Sylvia Struck
CKNW Radio The Sim Sara Show, Vancouver – interview with Sylvia Struck
Southern Cross University – ‘Not all chemists wear white coats’: Dr Ellen Moon selected for Homeward Bound

April 2017
Hot Chicks with Big Brains – STEMM Trails: In Conversation with Dr Tina Schroeder

March 2017
Bustle – How Networking In Antarctica Could Give Women In STEM Fields The Ultimate Advantage
CNN – 76 women voyage to the edge of the world to fight gender inequality
1 Million Women – Meet Three Inspiring Women Leading The Fight For the Environment
Quinto Dia – Venezuelan Scientist Selected for Global Leadership Program on Climate Change featuring Adriana Humanes
El Nacional – A Venezuelan among the leaders of the fight against climate change featuring Adriana Humanes
Spanish Radio Interviews – with Adriana Humanes
Sierra – Empowering women to save the planet, one Antarctica expedition at a time
Fort Lewis College YouTube – Heidi Steltzer in Antarctica

February 2017
Perfil – Mónica Araya, la tica que conquistó la Antártida
Post Newspaper – featuring Melinda Fitzgerald
Lake 88.1 – Radio interview with Shelley Ball

January 2017
UNAI (United Nations Academic Impact) Podcasts – UNAI Digital Discussion Series with Homeward Bound Expedition Female Scientists
Silicon Republic – Largest all-female expedition leads the way for women in STEM
RendezView – What penguins can teach us about gender equality by Merryn McKinnon
Mashable – What happens when you send 76 women scientists to Antarctica
El Espectador – Las científicas que combaten el sexismo desde la Antártida (Scientific fighting sexism from Antarctica)
NowThisHer – These scientists are back from Antarctica, and they’re ready to lead the fight against climate change
Northwest Herald – Retired Crystal Lake District 47 teacher completes Antarctica expedition featuring Betty Trummel
ABC The World – Interview with Dr Samantha Grover, Homeward Bound: Female scientists journey for climate change
CEED – Women in science leadership expedition to Antarctica
ABC Radio – Interview with Fabian Dattner, Homeward Bound aims to help increase number of women in science on RN Breakfast
BBC Cambridgeshire Radio – Interview with Deborah Pardo, Starts at 1h47min & 55seconds
CBC News Radio – Interview with Shelley Ball and Wynet Smith, Antarctica return
ABC Radio Perth – Interview with Dr Amanda Davies, The Biggest-Ever Female Expedition to Antarctica
Kent Online – Former Gravesend Grammar pupil on pioneering polar trip, featuring Lindsay Stringer
BBC Radio – Interview with Alison Davies, starts at 14min 50seconds
Curtin University – Antarctica expedition leads women scientists to tackle climate change
Canning Times – WA academics visit Antarctica as part of Homeward Bound
Herald Sun – What penguins can teach us about gender equality
The Weekly News and Inside Ottawa Valley – Local scientist loses piece of her heart by Homeward Bound expedition to Antarctica
Her Canberra – Homeward Bound: An all-female expedition to Antarctica
Current Magazine – Unique leadership course for women in science has a cool twist
CBC – Fantastic voyage: scientists return from exhilarating Antarctic adventure

2016 December 2016
Quartz – The largest all-female expedition to Antarctica, aiming to combat sexism in the sciences, has set sail
Fortune – 25 Times 2016 Actually Gave Women Something to Celebrate
Forbes – Homeward Bound … To Antarctica
ABC News 24 – with Kumi Taguchi
1 Million Women – 76 Women Brave Arctic Conditions For A Very Real Reason
Huffington Post – Largest ever all-female expedition sets sail for Antarctica
Wings World Quest Press Release – Antarctica expeditions focus on leadership, landscape and art
BBC News – Largest all-women expedition heads to Antarctica
El Pais – Las científicas conquistan la Antártida (Scientific conquer Antarctica)
Red Bull – 76 women just set sail for Antarctica. Here’s why.
Alaska Dispatch News – A Fairbanks researcher heads for the other pole, featuring Joanna Young
REneweconomy – The trip of a lifetime with my 76 closest friends in science (or they soon will be)
ABC Open – Voyage to Antarctica, featuring Tracey Gray
Care2 – Historic, all women expedition set sail for Antarctica
MiNDFOOD Magazine – State of the Ice
Northern District Times – North Ryde astronomer Sarah Brough heading to Antarctica for the Homeward Bound program
ECOS – Homeward Bound takes off
Blank Gold Coast – Homeward Bound: Women in science unite for change, featuring Tina Schroeder

November 2016
CBC News – A local scientist is on her way to Antarctica as part of the largest all-female expedition
The Independent – Largest all-female expedition braves Antarctica to fight climate change – and inequality
Courier Mail – Top women in science ready to tackle voyage of a lifetime
The Mercury – Antarctic voyage to promote women in scientific and political spheres
The Age – Women in science: Canberra scientists join an all-female expedition to Antarctica
Sydney Morning Herald – ‘If women were sitting at the table in equal measure, there is a good chance this would not be happening’
ABC News – Antarctic all-female expedition aims to increase number of women in important scientific roles
ABC Radio – World’s largest all-female expedition to Antarctica
The Mercury – Women lead way to Antarctica in Homeward Bound project
Stella – An all-female crew is heading to Antarctica on a mission bigger than science
Inside Toronto – Roncesvalles resident heading back to Antarctica on expedition, featuring Carol Devine, by Lisa Rainford
Metro News  – Mother Nature’s daughters: Toronto scientist headed for Antarctica on unique mission, featuring Carol Devine

October 2016
VOGUE – Sea Change, by Cushla Chauman, November 2016 Edition
Northwest Herald – Retired District 47 teacher headed to Antarctica for science expedition, featuring Betty Trummel
STM – WA Female scientists’ bonds of ice, by Connie Clarke
BBC – Paul Hudson’s Weather Show (available for a month) featuring Alison Davies and Lindsay Stringer
My Home Planet  Podcast – Leading Women Scientists Homeward Bound, by Natasha Milne
Science WA – WA women bound for Antarctic leadership mission, by Michelle Wheeler

September 2016
News.com.au – Australia leads first ever all female scientific expedition to Antarctica, by Elizabeth Daoud

August 2016
ABC The Drawing Room – featuring Sharna Jamadar and Colleen Filippa

July 2016
Lab+Science Online – Preparation for all-female Antarctic expedition underway
BioPortfolio – Preparation for all-female Antarctic expedition underway
The Age – Women in science journey to Antarctica in fight to save the planet, featuring Dr Sharna Jamadar, by Neelima Choahan
Marie Claire– appeared in the American July 2016 edition
ABC News – Cool chicks: Queensland women set to travel to Antarctica to promote gender equality in science, featuring Ashton Gainsford and Dr Nicole Webster, By Harriet Tatham
New York Times Live – Female scientists will brave Antarctica for STEM leadership camp, by WITW STAFF
WILD Magazine – Homeward Bound aims to realign world leadership values through female leadership

April 2016
The Leader – Icy continent awaits, featuring Nancy Auerbach

March 2016
The West Australian – Escaping from the grip of epilepsy, featuring Samantha Hall, by Katherine Fleming
ECOS CSIRO – Bound for leadership in science, by Bianca Nogrady 

February 2016
Upworthy – A crew of 78 women is headed to Antarctica for bigger reasons than research, by Thom Dunn
Forbes – Meet The All-Woman Team Heading To Antarctica This Year, by Hilary Brueck

January 2016
The Sydney Morning Herald – Canberra scientists on board first all-female expedition to Antarctica, featuring Nina McLean and Deborah O’Connell, by Megan Gorrey (the same article also appeared in WA Today and Canberra Times)
Townsville Bulletin – Townsville geologist preparing for all-woman Antarctic expedition, featuring Kathleen Patrick, by Christopher Owen


Channel 7 News – appeared Thursday, 17 December 2015

ABC Pacific Beat – Fabian Dattner – appeared Wednesday, 16 December 2015

ABC National Breakfast Program

Breakfast News Grabs: 2GB, 2UE, 4BC, 4BH, 3AW, 6PR – Fabian Dattner – appeared Tuesday, 22 September 2015 (Syndicated to 100 radio stations around the nation)

ABC National Breakfast Program – Dr Jess Melbourne-Thomas – appeared Tuesday, 22 September 2015 (Syndicated to over 230 radio stations around the nation)

ABC Northern Tasmania Drive Program – Dr Jess Melbourne-Thomas – appeared Tuesday, 22 September 2015

6PR Perth Afternoon Program – Dr Melinda Fitzgerald – appeared Tuesday, 22 September 2015

RadioLIVE NZ – Fabian Dattner – appeared Tuesday, 22 September 2015

3AW Afternoons Program – Fabian Dattner – appeared Wednesday, 23 September 2015

ABC Pacific Beat Breakfast Program – Fabian Dattner – appeared Thursday, 24 September 2015

ABC Adelaide – Fabian Dattner – appeared Friday, 25 September 2015

Eastside FM – Fabian Dattner – appeared Monday, 28 September 2015

SBS Radio: German Program – Dr Sea Rotman – appeared Tuesday, 29 September 2015

ABC Brisbane – Dr Justine Shaw – appeared Tuesday, 29 September 2015

ABC Pacific Beat – Dr Justine Shaw – to appear November 2015

Triple R: Einstein A Go-Go – Dr Justine Shaw – appeared Sunday, 1 November 2015

Triple R: Einstein A Go-Go – Dr Mary-Anne Lea – appeared Sunday, 15 November 2015 (at 40 minutes in)

The Sydney Morning Herald – appeared 13 December 2015 (the same article also appeared in Canberra Times, WA Today, Brisbane Times and The Age)

New York Times – Dr Amanda Davies – appeared 16 November 2015

Women of Green

Daily Telegraph – Sarah Brough and Cathy Moir – appeared  21 December 2015

Girl Talk HQ – appeared 11 December 2015

ABAC Women’s Forum – appeared November 2015

The National – Dr Raeanne Miller – appeared 30th December 205

She the People – appeared, 18 December 2015

The Scotsman – Dr Raeanne Miller– appeared  29 December 2015

The Pool – appeared December 2015

The Times – appeared 31 December 2015

Deseret News – Melissa Haeffner – appeared 25 December 2015

Perth Now – appeared 16 December 2015 (the same article also appeared in News.com.au, Herald Sun, The Daily Telegraph, Courier Mail and The Advertiser)

Makers – appeared November 2015

Daily Life – appeared November 2015

1 Million Women – November 2015

The Hobart Mercury – Dr Jess Melbourne-Thomas – appeared , 22 September 2015

The Sydney Morning Herald – Fabian Dattner and Dr Jess Melbourne-Thomas – appeared  26 September 2015

The Age – Fabian Dattner and Dr Jess Melbourne-Thomas – appeared 26 September 2015

Diamond Valley Leader – Fabian Dattner – appeared 30 September 2015

The Post – Dr Melinda Fitzgerald – appeared 17 October 2015

Southern Gazette – Dr Melinda Fitzgerald – appeared 21 October 2015

The Weekend Australian Ad – appeared 31 October 2015

The Hobart Mercury


Herald Sun

Daily Telegraph

Courier Mail

Adelaide Advertiser

Perth Now

NT News

Geelong Advertiser

Townsville Bulletin

Gold Coast Bulletin

The Examiner

ABC National Breakfast Program

ABC Pacific Beat Breakfast Program

Sydney Morning Herald

The Age

The Canberra Times

The Brisbane Times

WA Today

Southern Gazette


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