The hunt is over. We had enough applications to fill multiple ships to Antarctica…but we had to choose just 70 women for Homeward Bound’s next leadership program. With applications from some of the most impressive, intelligent, wise, interesting, courageous women in science from across the world, the selection process was complex and gruelling.

But we found them! Our second cohort of leaders are here. We are so excited to introduce them! They are veterinarians, marine ecologists, engineers, researchers, academics, chemists, science communicators, doctors and more. They represent 13 countries including Spain, Venezuela, Kenya, France, Italy, Norway, Scotland and China. Most importantly, they are united around our world’s need for female voices in science to be heard and part of decision making around the future of our world.

Today, you can meet the first 70 of 80 women projected to be part of #TeamHB2018. The Homeward Bound 2018 participants page features profiles of each participant – you can see their faces, read their breathtaking bios and learn a bit about who they are.

So what about the other 10 participants? Well, we want to offer Homeward Bound scholarship positions​ to a further 10 women, to support greater diversity of and access to the initiative. We plan to fund 10 positions for women in STEMM who are most affected by climate change and unable to fund themselves. Over the next month, we are raising funds to make these scholarships and this vision possible. We’d love your support!

Our crowdfunding campaign launches next week to help ensure we nurture the most inclusive and diverse group of leaders possible. Look out for updates and our email letting you know how you can support the campaign!

The formation of this next cohort moves us another step closer to our goal of building a 1000-strong global collaboration of women with a science background to lead, influence and contribute to policy and decision-making as it informs the future of our world over 10 years. By March 2018, we’ll have developed a 150+-strong collective of women leaders, and have the 2019 contingent selected and on their way to joining them.

It’s happening. With your help. OX