Jill Peeters

TV meteorologist

Jill Peeters is known in Belgium as ‘the weather woman’. For more than 20 years she is a TV meteorologist and won several awards for state of the art communication (eg Best European Weather Presentation, EMS 2018).

During her years as a weather forecaster she transformed into ‘a climate woman’ and became a pioneer in creating impactful climate communications (Climate Change Communication Award CBN-E 2009). She is the author of several books on weather and climate, and she has also created TV programs for a wide audience on national and commercial channels (Press Prize for sustainable development FRDO-CFDD 2016). She is currently the curator of a museum about the 125th anniversary of the Antarctic expedition of the Belgica.

She is a welcome guest in the media and at meetings or debates about climate awareness and sustainability. And she is also consulted and appreciated for her climate awareness expertise by the Belgian Royals and the policy makers on a broad scale (Decoration of the Flemish Community, 2018).

Jill is the founder and driving force behind “Climate without Borders”, a global network of weather forecasters (Best Climate Solution, CMCC 2018). Because of her impressive  commitment to international climate projects, she was noticed by the UN, WMO, IPCC and UNFCCC, and was asked by the United Nations Secretary General Guterres to become a co-founder of the Climate Leadership Network, founded in 2017 during the Climate Week in New York.

She is a geographer, analytical scientist and in recent years has become more involved in social sciences. She helps others to think non-linearly and to discover connection(s). She also followed additional training in somato-psychopedagogy and as regenerative practitioner at the Regenesis Institute.

She is the mother of three growing young women whom she wants to give every opportunity in their lives.