Professor-Immunology, Murdoch University, Western Australia

Cassie is a Perth local and completed her PhD-Microbiology from University of Western Australia. Her curiosity of invisible killer microbes drove her to excel in this research field. With training from National Institutes of Allergy and Infectious Diseases USA, she designed live influenza vaccines. Her creativity and innovation led to cofounding a company on bird flu vaccine markers. She is passionate about educating people with truths about viruses and the impact of human behaviour on emerging infectious diseases. Cassie inspires girls in STEM and entrepreneurship. She enjoys being a devoted mother to three sons along with her chocolate labrador.


As females, perhaps our empathy with others drives us to succeed in ventures and dive deeper to understand different facets of problems to solve.  My female students can influence their friends and family, perhaps even teach their own children, how to respect and care for their health in order to enjoy a long full-filled life.

Cassandra Berry



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