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Will there be communications technologies available on the voyage?

Potentially, but at a significant cost. We are negotiating to achieve this for participant access as part of HB’s in kind contributions. Wifi access equates to having access to a Voyage email address, with the ability to send small-sized messages using that address.

Could you provide more information on the program which will be offered during the trip?

The design of the program will be completed by June/July 2016 – Fabian Dattner will collaborate with Dr Susan David on the design of the leadership component. Dr Jess Melbourne Thomas, together with two members of the core Homeward Bound team will design the science program, and Fabian Dattner, with the strategist, will design the strategic component.

What specific benefits will pre-recorded lectures from the Faculty have?

Imagine TED talks – a faculty of the highest possible standard, interviewed by us, specifically for you.

The faculty have agreed to and are being interviewed for the Homeward Bound project, they are not generic interviews; we will be canvassing those going on the trip for questions they want to ask, but our primary focus is to hear about the faculty’s insights/challenges for women.

What are the specific outcomes that will arise out of the trip, especially for individuals participating?


  1. Far greater insight into your purpose, values and motive as a leader
  2. Personal understanding of how your life story shapes your leadership capability
  3. Rigorous coaching on emotional intelligence and how to exercise it
  4. Significantly elevated ability to have difficult conversations with key stakeholders
  5. Advanced ability to influence strategic stakeholders with regard to policy and decision making
  6. Understanding of how to devise, measure and execute strategic intent
  7. Skill in linking your leadership capability, emotional intelligence, strategic focus, with innovation – overcoming  hurdles, towards sustainable outcomes

You will be guided through out the journey on developing:

  1. Personal plan for change
  2. Team plans for change
  3. Measurable pragmatic deliverable on arrival back into Ushuaia

Your funder’s benefit

  1. You could join the trip with an outcome in mind (something that is central to your funders support), this could easily be the project you work on throughout the trip
  2. You will have ample opportunity during 2015/16 to work up a challenge you and/or teams of people on Homeward Bound want to tackle (that’s our ideal)
  3. We will then be captive for 30 days to work it through – ensure clear purpose, aligned values, strategic intent, objectives, measures, what if scenarios, innovation in action, measurement and accountability (to your funding organisation and the team on board)

Think this through: For 20 days… 24:7

  • 76 women – chosen because of your background, intellectual ability, evident activism (to greater and lesser extent), willingness to learn, openness to feedback, interest in a better world
  • A world leading authority and facilitator on leadership and emotional intelligence, and a widely recognised Australian leadership expert
  • A highly credentialed coach
  • An internationally recognised strategic/innovation facilitator
  • Science explained/explored to enable you to take action in terms of sustainability, i.e. this is not tourist science
  • A faculty filmed for you
  • And a film crew watching and recording the whole thing

What does your imagination tell you this will lead to?


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