As #TeamHB3 settle back home after a life-changing experience in Antarctica, we share more photos and reflections from aboard the #MVUshuaia. Stay tuned for more updates as the women return to their homes, families and lives, and apply their leadership lessons.

Homeward Bound was an incredibly empowering journey to embark on, both in the year up to, and the three-week program in Antarctica. It was over these three weeks that I experienced the most incredible growth; we were (almost) totally isolated from the world with the most majestic scenery all around us. The solitude and beautiful environment created the perfect dynamic for us to reflect and grow as leaders in our STEMM fields. Just when I felt like the voyage was at its peak up, suddenly, we were saying our goodbyes and heading back to our regular lives including work, travels and family.

I believe that we need to be exposed to new ideas and people to grow – a zodiac cruise around the Melchior Archipelago in search of new horizons

Settling back into my day to day life at home was a strange experience. I had been through something similar once before, following a secondment into an Aboriginal organisation in Sydney, Australia. It’s almost a feeling of reverse culture-shock coming back to a life that you know so well and cherish. Taking meaningful time out of everyday life opens new possibilities and experiences which you don’t really consider or think about typically. In truth amongst the day to day happenings of my life at home, I was longing to be back in Antarctica with my Homeward Bound cohort.

Prior to writing this post, I completed an exercise that Visibility faculty member Kylie Lewis introduced to us on the trip called ‘This I believe’. In this exercise you write down 50 sentences, each starting with the words ‘this I believe’. Sitting in my home office, I found this exercise to be so empowering. It gave me back the direction and clarity I had been missing, helping me to settle back into my everyday life with a renewed outlook.

I believe that to influence others, you must know yourself first – Team HB3 climbing in silence at Danco Island

It was this guidance and the knowledge received through Homeward Bound that really helped me consolidate the thoughts buzzing around my head since returning home and to look forward to the future post completing the program.

The hundreds of messages that are exchanged by my cohort on a group chat every single day bring me so much joy. It is composed of a wonderful group of women checking in with each other; sharing photos and updates on their lives post Antarctica. Already there is an incredible feeling of strength in this network of women, even though many of us did not know each other before Christmas time last year.

I believe that I am strong – Team HB3 prepare for the polar plunge at Deception Island

And this is the amazing thing about Homeward Bound, it didn’t stop when we all landed on shore in Ushuaia, Argentina – the Antarctic trip is only the beginning of a much larger journey for us all. And because of this, I cannot wait to see where Homeward Bound takes us all next.

Until next time Antarctica.

I believe that I can change the world – the author Kelsie Clarke about to embark on the adventure of a lifetime.


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